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Goose Fair: 4 – 8 October 2017

The lovely misty Autumn brings frosty nights so it’s GOOSEH FAIR WEATHER! . ​ .   A few years ago – but it’s always Goose Fair weather!

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Ikano Bank Robin Hood Marathon & Half Marathon | Travel Information…& Safe pse munch enough proper protein

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night of the guitars

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Nottingham Caribbean Carnival 20th August 2017 . The Nottingham Carnival . ​ . Facebook . . Sunday 20th Victoria Embankment . They say Carnivals are Artistry,  Creativity, Revelry and Giving Thanks (the last may depend on a Religious Statue to process!) **** In deference … Continue reading

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Harvest Time

It doesn’t seem a whole year since these long slow sunshiny days (with long shadows and watercolour landscapes) were here back in 2016! In the middle of winter however the year always feels like two years… if we were old … Continue reading

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Minimising health risks in the garden/RHS Gardening & outdoor places (especially kids!)

Worth a read at this time of year. . Minimising Garden Health Risks: . . NB: Ensure tetanus jabs are up to date. Otherwise, see your local GP for a tetanus vaccination if you have cut yourself on … Continue reading

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GCRN – Great Central Railway, Nottingham – GCRN

Another  Transport heritage display. see the twitter on the sidebar,  @nct_buses have a travel offer . This Sunday is the Stewart Classic Vehicle Register – Summer Gathering. Featuring a “not to be missed” display of fantastic heritage road vehicles from bygone … Continue reading

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Nottingham Food Festival: Wollaton Park 12th 13th August 2017

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Riverside Festival 2017 set to attract huge crowds | My Nottingham News . ​

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100 Years on A Daisytrail collage made 14 Nov 2010 for my Great Uncle Harry Thomas M. (in the pics). Wars are terrible,  I dont know where my Great Harry fought or where another Uncle of mine Uncle Charles his childhood friend … Continue reading

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