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Splendour Festie Saturday 21st

Locals will need the map on an earlier post to avoid the traffic, check @NCT_buses and @trentbartonland twitter for ordinary and Festie transport updates! Hope its Sunshiny, take cash, have lots fun! ​ . . .

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Splendour 2018 Tickets, Tour Dates & Concerts | alt. tickets . The Splendour Festival 2018 Facebook Link . . .

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Harvey Haddon Sports Village – stay safe near water quiz:-  check their facebook! . The Wollaton Park Lake, Highfields Lake, the Canal and the River Trent are ALL places you SHOULD NOT SWIM. Not only are they dangerous but the water is pretty contaminated and could make you quite ill. Ditto Attenborough. … Continue reading

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The lake – taken during the 2014 World Cup!

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Outdoor Theatre Season 2018, Outdoor Cinema .

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Half way through – 30 Days Wild | The Wildlife Trusts

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Wollaton Park Nottingham Muddy Dog Challenge Battersea — Muddy Dog Challenge 9 & 10 June 2018 . Most likely the ordinary entrance for this event.

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Autokarna Wollaton Park:-  Special Events only …public vehicle entrance, car park via LIME TREE Avenue

Scroll back for the info, the map on visit nottinghamshire is showing the exhibitors and public walking entrance. The public vehicle entrance map is just back two posts ..

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Autokarna Saturday, Sunday teatime – A Good Idea for leaving Wollaton Park.

Just an opinion, but if you leave Autokarna using this route, your journey might just be traffic jam free. The exit is usually Cambridge Road, if you turn left out of Cambridge Road and at the fork in the road … Continue reading

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Highfields Boating Lake

If the Autokarna, doesn’t float your boat, there’s a few other Parks, Cycle Routes and Walks nearby, as long as we aren’t gridlocked. . Highfields Boating Lake Google pics . Bramcote Hills Park . . Walking and Cycling … Continue reading

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