Our Festie

Splendour 2012 is on its way with a super lineup and lots of exciting bands to listen to.

This page doesn’t get too carried away as all the copyright for the event is with the event managers and the city council.  There are flickr pics of the event but there should be more actual Splendour flickr groups…like each year – and a specific Splendour blog from the organisers ‘#always-moaning-about-the-organisers‘ ….pics of ‘Friends of Splendour’ being acceptable spose…

Official link


Theres a Virtual Festivals website for all the ‘we love Festies but are too old for them these days…and anyway festies WERE FREE no sponduli’s years ago to turn up…you dig, that was the WHOLE POINT OF THEM!!!’ etc etc…

or jus fans who want dates and ticket info and reviews for festies all over the place, ….like Download at Donnington this weekend, 9-10 June. This is their July page with Splendour included…


Why call it Splendour?? We thought it was classical…

It all went without a hitch 200?, -2011… the setup, the festi and the clearup… just a few patches of yellowing grass….


I wonder what it was like when jousting took place (following the cheese riots etc see the posts)… and the Royal Show in the early 1900’s… there are pics of the Royal Show on the Nottingham Library ‘Picture the Past’ website.

Splendour…(plumby accent optional) is, so far, an annual event …. we have seen, over the years…

The Corrs

Madness and the Pogues

and 2011 year Blondie and the Scissor Sisters.

The copyright for the Festival is with the Nottm City Council and the Festie organisers, plus the bands, so it’s difficult to add info although somewhere there are a couple of pics of the setting up and the clearing up in the early posts….more in 2012…

Hiya Roadies…the internet connection on the park is patchy and usually disappears when anything is happening, or just academic holidays…so the aerials are…where…nearby uni??

More info soon …. anyone with pics please contact the Wolly Park Blog if you would like them added…

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