No Tomorrow Festival archived

6th and 7th June.

Links on the sidebar pic too!

Wollaton Park is locked each night and its not a practical place to try to stay. The nearest hotel is the Priory on the A52.

Its definitely No Camping and No Barbeques!

The official site does state, right at the end of their Info Page that there isn’t any accomodation or camping and it advises a list of hotels!

There is however a supacool campsite just the other side of Nottingham at the National Watersports Centre and they have  other types of accomodation. Its an 18 acre site with ameneties including showers.

NWSC is about a 30 minute drive from Wollaton Park and has the advantage of having the National Watersports facilities, white water rafting and a supa playpark plus a cafe, its brill for kids!

Its possible to travel from there to Wollaton Park by Nottm City Transport using a £3.50 all day ticket using two buses into Nottm and out again, although there is a walk from the A52 Wollaton Park entrance. There are group transport tickets too. Check the transport page on this blog or the twitter for links and times.

There are apparently atm’s on site for the Festie according to the official website.

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