Other Linked Blogs

On the sidebar there are at least 25 other blogs including a StumbleUpon with local Theatres and Entertainment info, a Tumblr for our Splendour Festie and a Nature Stuff one too.

There are lots of links that add to those on the specific pages, for example one with info that showcases and is a local ‘blogrol’l where other peoples local blogs are linked for you to read including the local Cricket Club.

There are twitters you can find too, about three of them, plus the rnli directly on the side column.

It’s cool to collect info – you could create the same for any project.

The main twitter is Wollaton_nottm as it’s a weekly events that are on around and about the EMids, SYorks and other places in the UK.

The Dilydaydream Facebook is essentially shared pages from following (like) other Facebook accounts who are posting about places in the UK – here its called ‘Around the UK Facebook.’

The other blogs (you will find these as screenpics on the side column) are different takes on lateral thinking:- so you can click through to another blog an a sympathetic topic, eg Peeknet which is about Built and Green Environment posting interesting info with relevant twitters showing up to the minute update info as it’s retweeted and theres also one on Photography, one on good blog reads from wordpress and blogger and one on interesting tweet info.

Theres one on just Nottinghamshire and one especially reflecting ‘anorak’ thinking – Morrisminorarcana! Just for fun.

The method here is this, I have a set of twitters that bring information and some is shared via the android wordpress app on my smartphone to the relevant blog.

These wordpress blogs have different themes from the theme gallery, so show how different blogs can look – faults can be found with designs (the 4column Peeknet doesnt display all the columns on the android – its useful to know these things!)

Eventually the set of blogs will be categorised and be displayed on this page instead or as well as the side column (it needs ‘desktop view’ to be able to see the side column on a smartphone) with click through links.

If we could add a carousel gallery with click links that would be brill and more sophisticated but its more likely to appear on the local webpage thats in progress.

The aim is for a kind of 3d experience of how a local community evolves and interacts by visiting local greenspace and touristy places plus the additional issues and info that’s relevant.

We all keep this kind of info in our heads (amongst computer game info and relationships and wants and desires) – but where to go needs constant ongoing updating and that can detract us from the world thats keeping us making a profit for 35 hours plus 45ish weeks of the year or a living – so it’s here all in one space. Want to go out with the family for a day somewhere – check the Wollypark, ditto ‘whats on’.

I’d love a blog with all the Nottingham Garden Centres too with pics that automatically update – but that will take some work to agree the format etc – maybe a monetising advertising page or set of pages! Probably replacing the homemade blog screenshots on the side column.

It’s a resource for students on Leisure and Tourism too.

Its not ‘neat’ in the breadth of info and layout but it is in terms of all the info is in one place!

A half of Guiness in the local pub, well thanks that sounds cool. Happy 2015, don’t forget to write the family diary and the autobiography!

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