Local Industry


Grace’s guide link to the Boots Co

The industrial museum in the stables courtyard has alot of information on local industry, and there are some interesting online links that provide more information…


See the Lace and Framework Knitters pages, Courtaulds and Viyella Textile coming soon.

Players Ltd



Nottingham Industrial Museum has a Website, Facebook and twitter at NIM and cool info and exhibits

The Beam Engine in the Park Courtyard Museum was part of Thomas Hawkesly’s Water and sanitation system for Nottingham. He was born in the Nottm suburb of Arnold and designed clean water systems for many UK cities in Edwardian days and many cities abroad. These systems began to eradicate Cholera, Dystentry & Typhoid which are now rare in UK Cities, and our NHS is a National Insurance paid system free at the point of delivery for all citizens, they do of course pay their National Insurance instalments.

Nottingham City Library has Picture the Past photo archive.


There are obviously hundreds and thousands of companies trading in Nottibgham and Notts, lots of lovely employers too many to mention but a big thanks to them for employment for local people and best wishes for the decades to come.

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