Big Wide World

Big Wide World is about the larger influences…campaign stuff and info like Earth Hour have their own pages.

    There are lots of crises going on all around the world

…lots of charities help in places where it’s difficult to organise  and they report information, you can receive email updates or follow their Facebook and Twitter accounts, be careful as overseas politics and conflicts can have repercussions here – if you want to help the best concept is to do so via a recognised organisation who know what they are doing and understand the difficulties and problems that can be encountered and have a large enough organisation to protect themselves.  If you meet people who claim they are from these countries…be careful about what you believe especially about the side they may be supporting…

The International Red Cross blog link is here

Their home page is here

The British Red Cross page is here….they send lovely notelets and badges out too, if you send a small donation or subscribe to their emails…and are linked to the International Red Cross

The Oxfam link is here

Info on the Robin Hood Tax

UNICEF are brill too…

Amnesty International


Info Related to the UK

Theres an international time zone info link on the Geography page.

Interesting UK govt epetitions link


Big Wide World ‘as the UK sees it’ info starts with the UK Parliament info website, it’s cool for local UK people to keep up with whats going on, we don’t have the British Constitution as a school subject anymore, and it isn’t really covered relevant in an education sense other than degree level law courses. 

It’s nice as a citizen to be able to look at what the local politicians are doing, but for that info you really need their individual political party website, or your MP (Wollaton Park and Wollaton is mainly Graham Allen at the moment with a few people in Lillian Greenwood’s constituency) and their personal sites.

Its cool to know where our Aid money goes and whats currently being read in Parliament about such donations…. and theres Euro info too, on the European Europa site too.

RSS links

Then there are so many news stories, that aren’t news (soap operas just arent news)? and so many real crisis topics – plus famous people who try to highlight things going on in the world… but newspapers and magazines and official charities are the best  places to find information from, wonderful apps can bring this info to your smartphone – if you want blog updates add /feed/ to the end of the blog address to get their rss links to find info;

Really simple syndication: rss is a hyperlink from whichever websource you choose (click the orange rss icon) and sends you that organisations’ updates.

You can read rss links on your google account, using the google reader, or read mobile app. Make a google account and checkout their help info.

Apparently some rss links are covered by copyright, they are intended for your own use apparently…whether this is when they are used via an app i am not sure…so careful when adding them to websites.

The UK copyright info is at this web address, careful with USA sites they are under different laws, royalty free doesn’t necessarily mean free…always check terms and conditions and print them.

often you can receive email updates or newsletters without having to join an organisation, all you need to do is subscribe with your email address

Pulse, taptu and Feedly are apps that you can incorporate rss feeds into, Timescape rss would be cool but mine doesn’t work properly.

The UK Parliament site has both an rss link and email updates. On this and other sites click the rss link and copy the url (webaddress) into your chosen reader

Topically theres the reading of some Extradition bill, according to the news 5 December 2011…


Big Wide World and the question of Extradition over copyright…

Personal Thoughts latest news of copyright and extradition and the reading of a bill in parliament – Big Wide World ( advice..Take and publish your own pics concept)

Just as many other people, the blog author has been watching the local news and am really quite annoyed at the possible extradition to America for the lad in Bolsover Derbyshire who is currently at a UK University;  and have a few thoughts that fit into my Big Wide World page – this part of the Big Wide World page was written early in 2012…it was relevant then, but obviousy updates may bring new information to light. 

 – as our Education system isn’t a money making one (unlike America) the kids learn that lots of handouts and information on their whiteboards are sourced directly from well known sites on the internet, and they are also provided with lots of photocopies of book information ….what they don’t know is that the Local Authority Teaching staff have a copyright education allowance of around 15% of publications that they can use in an academic sense.  I just hope that the site the lad created was for a school project and therefore was not intentionally meant to be on the internet for profit…even if it was, our laws may be different from those in other countries regarding clicking on websites in the first place.

There are lots of levels of copyright, and i am not an expert on them by any means, I try to stick to UK law sites if I join or register with the exception of a few of the major players, but when i read the terms and conditions i do feel like adding a caveat that my registration is to be considered as being one under the jusridiction of the laws of the UK the country I live in and am accustomed to.  I don’t know all the laws of the UK and am reliant on the ordinary everyday interactions to know what is ok and not ok within certain limits like criminality. 

 Occassionally I have tried to find out about the commercial laws of the USA as I have wanted to download software or join websites, and have attempted to read the terms and conditions in full (some of they are truly horrifiying)  and have found that in the ordinary people sense that the USA individuals  don’t really know what their commercial laws are themselves, as they are in the majority state regulated and have no codified system: how purchasers of materials in the UK cope with this I have no idea (well they have contract departments such as the one in Plessey Telecoms later GPT and Siemens: but would they/we have made a contract under any law but the UK – I don’t think so)… I’m even wary of buying on ebay if the seller is overseas but they seem to have a UK site these days.  It would be easy to register in the wrong arena though on many internet sites. 

 I am sure that most kids don’t even realise that stuff is regulated by commerical laws,expecially on the internet which appears to be a really pleasant social interaction market with info being wafted from one facebook or twitter to another and shared.  It really isn’t clear  the extent of laws and just how many people would employ a legal eagle before they registered on Facebook for example?… This commerical law regulation and the concept of other countries’ having vastly different laws wouldn’t occur to teens… or adults for example how many people know there is (was?) no right to extend a mortgage term in Greece when you are buying property… as far as I know (from talking years ago to local Greeks) their system says if a penny is owing on the date the mortgage is due, the property reverts to the original lender…dire…(and apparently that concept and law worked here until some  update  happened here too…)

Then there’s the ability to ‘share’ via all sorts of apps and information, every app on my android nearly has a share option, and the websites have buttons to share.  It really is quite a misleading online environment.

Then theres the possibility that anyone can add code to a website…on the browser there’s an option to view any website you are viewing in css or html, and its possible to copy it to notepad and add or delete and replace bits to it if the security isn’t good enough.

The fact that most kids know that if there is a country code for release of some material (mostly videos or DVD’s that are in your hand and have a physical entity) that the code gives other kids the right to view earlier or later than themselves…but they don’t see this as  a legal problem but one of being up to date…  a fashion ‘one up’ individual person thing, and media studies is all about being really up to date – how many kids want to look at anything they consider old?  Not to mention if whatever they are viewing is good the word spreads like wildfire (metaphor) and is on a par with advertising for turnover.

Some web sites have information on what kind of copyright they publish under, theres a really good example on the JSnature site which is an awsome photography site and has a small, very small button on the bottom left of the screen which details the copyright for the pictures…


The picture on this page is taken by JSNature Photos, (is a blog a website)?  I must remember to add the info on the conditions about uploading again in my pictures folder or i might forget.  The folder is now called “downloaded needs a credit attaching when uploading”

There’s lots different copyright laws…they aren’t simple: and there’s the story of the license i bought on some supposedly local co. software and they changed the conditions after i had bought the license; but that’s another story long in the telling…and the copyright on dress material and patterns is a nightmare..

Today, 07 Dec 2011 on my pulse app with rss feeds from Hacker i found an article that said it was virtually impossible to secure android phones, at the same time i decided to follow the Nobel Peace prize site as their accolades are being awarded this week, and apparently it’s possible to follow them on youtube so off i went to youtube thinking maybe i could add the info to my blog, but youtube terms and conditions say not possible, and i should print a copy of said terms and cond…but how do i know the terms and conditions page hasn’t been hacked by a rival?? Especially as i’m using my android??

Then cnet rss tells me of a case somewhere for a blogger who believes he/she is a freelance journalist but apparently isnt working for anyone (in the USA) fined $2.5m for defaming a company…ok they say in washington that the state involved’s law seems outdated…but here we would be thinking the relevant law would be libel law. My interactive telly sez get the big wide world page off my blog…i’m a bit fed up with the Issac Asimiv I Robot (vomit asccii) interactive dampeners on ordinary communications: i can use a follow facebook, a short url tweet to go to another site, can show another person my individual phone’s youtube widget in real time, can reccomend over a telephone call (landline or mobile) but not stick the link on a blog…so i must be a non interesting person and rely on the stilted newspaper and telly news to discuss the latest topic in a direct communication with another person in the “did you see” mode, i don’t want to pass negative stuff, don’t want to miss something pretty awsome, want to be an ordinary human being communicating in all the new ways of communicating.

The android of course, has the bt wifi password to use the wifi broadband, so immediately there are two networks that can talk to each other!!

So was my ninety-something piano playing mum wrong in not letting me sing the latest songs i heard on the radio because they would detract from the musicians live appearances and versions of their music or not?? I think it depends if you are a piano player or a techie or a salaried journalist or (or the salaried judge, the lawyer, the parliament, the tea lady, next-door, marketing, accountant etc etc) or just the person wanting to stay up to date…do you buy the musicsheet or play it by ear?? Make your own film with own camera, using app written by bought software or own written app…buy the team to ensure online security?? … Live in a big park behind a wall singing where no one else can hear?? Sing really old songs??

However, now I’m off to my private blog to send a few pics and suchlike as my phone has a bug that wipes the sd card when any app tries to load a gallery with more than 500 pics…so till they sort the bug, i can upload stuff to my private wordpress…soz if you try to view it, ( it will tell you the authors have deleted it….wollypark will carry on, of course.

The above paragraph was going to be the last point on the subject in hand; until I came across this paragraph in some terms and conditions…

“We reserve the right to change or modify these site terms or any policy or guideline of our site, at any time. Any changes or modification will be effective immediately upon posting of the revisions on our site, and you waive any right you may have to receive specific notice of such changes or modifications. Your continued use of our site following the posting of changes or modifications will confirm your acceptance of such changes or modifications.”

Brilliant…”and the cost of the site is now £1k per year and it’s retrospective”… could be the change…very dodgy…

Also as far as I personally can understand things, “Free” in the USA and other places means it’s free to view the first screen of a website…no more, not free as the UK understands the word which means no payment is required.(Similarly pint…20fluid oz here, 16fluid oz there, and where a billion is 9 noughts (short scale) in many places whereas traditionally thats a milliard in europe and our billion is 12 noughts unless we say the magic super ‘university over the atlantic word’… … super care needed in dishing out medicines in n-ths)

MORE  BIG WIDE WORLD INTERESTING INFO Later…. (see top of the page, Charities and Amnesty International links added April 2012)

Conservation Big Wide World…

Jus a text link or two

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