Stary Skies





Of course Wollaton Park hosted one of the first Star Gazing events and it was amazing,  lots of people (so many they had to close the park gates!) It was January and cold but we saw super planets through the telescopes broughr to the park by the lovely folk running the local Astronomy groups.

This year the televised version is in Aussie but the local groups are still running in and near Nottingham and around the country. The Peak District has Dark Skies status too just a short drive away.

Update 2017

2016,  soz missed the events


Solar Eclipse March 20 2015

soz the link is 21 March! see lots of photos on the Facebook link page

Theres a Lunar Eclipse next month, but its a lunchtime and daylight and there is a partial Solar Eclipse on 23th September, the NASA site has info.

There is a LUNAR Eclipse 28th September 2015 that should be visible weather permitting !

There isn’t any google search info or Nottm City Council info about a 2015 Stary Skies Party at Jan 2015.

See lots of info on the UK Astronomy Facebook:- on this link


Lunar Eclipse October 8th 2014

It can’t be seen from the UK – there are posts on a Twitter that Wollaton_nottm follows at


Eclipse Info from Wiki (cool basic info – for quoting use an astronomy site, some of it is confusing soz…)

Solar Eclipse info


Star Party 2014

Colwick Woods

lots of activities (these are not organised by the beeb – see the individual website info pages)

just  a text link – like the olympic info – no pics!

2013 Comet Ison

There was lots of info on the Wollaton_Nottm twitter


All the way to October 18th-19th with no update! The tiny Lunar eclipse happened last night – but we had pea soup skies and there wasnt even a glimpse. Tonight the moon is glowing so bright its almost daylight – but no eclipse hat!!

On the 3rd Nov theres a ‘hybrid’ solar eclipse but its not visible from the UK.

Geek or interest link of all the 2013 eclipses here:- (isn’t it strange we thought it was the best thing in 2000 to have an eclipse we could see – and wondered if we should book a holiday for the 2012 – there have been more probably but we were definitely thinking …

2012 blog info

December 2012 – Happy New Year – and hoping there’s a Star Party this January!

Meanwhile a link to the East Midlands Stargazers

<a href=”Visit the East Midlands Stargazers” title=”East Midlands Stargazers” target=”_blank”>Visit the East Midlands Stargazers

RIP Patrick Moore!

Summer 2012

More info…

Night Skies updated monthly from Jodrell Bank

even better

And explaining the Metatonic cycles, and the Saros cycles that calculate where eclipses will be.

…a super find website…lots of Asteroids that might be zooming around near our lovely precious planet…

Update for the Venus Transit 05 June 2012

Winter 2012
After the super Stargazing live date at Wollaton Hall i thought this page a good idea, it’s the only page not made from the smartphone, and will evolve over the next couple of days.”>

This link shows wiki info on the Chinese Constellations to emphasise the fact that all countries dont have the same naming system or star grouping.

If our ancestors (and not so far back either) used the skies for info…they knew when to plant, weed and harvest food crops, when it was likely to rain etc…they could see 120/360 of the sky in an arc going right to left and upwards…they could remember 30/360 that had just disappeared below the horizon…we know that they made stories up about chariots driving across the sky etc….know that in Egypt the rise of the star sirius was important for the nile floods…so why not here?? Over generations they learnt more and more from watching…full moons, quarters new moons were in different parts of the sky…but came back to the same place over 19 years…they could work out how often the planets went round…or buy whittakers almanac with the info in…what they didnt know, was the size of the planets or what they looked like unless they had a telescope or saw a horologie…a mechanical model of the sun and the stars.

and after a long long time, became as clever as this…

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