Mostly the world we all consider ordinary….we are North of Watford Gap, living under democracy (so are those S of Watford), politically correct, tolerant (more so than the S in all things, religion, race, trade, class, age, politics, economics) and educated by the local education – that’s paid for collectively and excellent quality, wanting a decent salary for a decent year’s work at least!!

And collectively we are still all civilised and reasonably respectful (but with a political voice, not to be chastised for not returning members of the current coalition although some amongst the region did vote for the present govt, in fewer numbers than their party member wanted…Democracy is important, and our MPs are hoping to be on their way to the Lord’s

This blog is more interested in cricket, open accessible spaces and possibly even music and entertainment, sport, those precious leisure hours… but hasn’t forgotten the hard work our ‘representatives’ do for us all…so forgive a few political retweets!!

More concepts later, have fun.

(oh…and we don’t know what a skyscraper is or what a world with no outside space or no ground level is)

Always remember…there are men (few women, wonder why) who cycle mountains…in awe of The Tour!!

In one-word factory terms, we are all slightly concerned about ‘Rank’

Transition Town Nottingham info here soon…

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