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Fingers crossed for a scorching summer! Autokarna June 01 weekend 2014 has been clear blue skies, bright sunshine and happy folk but something was missing probably the security of the 60s and 70s 40,000 factory jobs where there were no zero hour contracts and overtime was the norm!

Are we surprised the temperature is about 26 degrees its ages since we had a heatwave summer! Don’t forget the sunscreen if the sunshine holds up through June,  especially for little folk. 

The park was packed with people and there were so many super classic and vintage cars:- more than we’ve seen any other year, plus the vintage and newer buses were back!   More car/vehicle pics later! Thanks to the exhibitors it’s made a good weekend.

Sadly the GI crooners tea dance tent and camp wasn’t there and they are missed, but there was a Dagfa House School tent with some jazz playing – or that’s how it seemed.

Wally Hope is holding the camera.



The pics above are taken with a sony w995 on panorama mode (hope i have the three pics in line) transfered to a sony xperia via bluetooth and frames added in photo editor, the very best photo app. The pics below are taken on the android and processed with photo grid app and photo editor


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