Photo Dilydaydream 7th March 2016

7th March 2016

Now there 59 days left to Spring!

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64 Days left of Winter!

Resolutions 2017

To keep writing resources, tutoring and writing a … book … typing a book,  keep taking photos, tweeting and blogging. Find a sunshiny greenspace, seaside place in summer.

Just wish ‘they’ would let us all retire at 62-3 with an option to work to 67 its tough when you have repetitive strain, carpel tunnel! Its such a long haul to 67.

Thanks for years of fun working typing (20 something years) Admin, Quality etc. and Teaching, Tutoring: Thankfully not really politics.  I dont want to stop working for pin money but my paid infor state pension should be paid as well.  We dont want revenge just what we agreed to.

Thanks to the Android developers and the amazing folk before them who invented typewriters who saved me from no pennies back in ’78 and a happy retirement to those fellas who were engineers and looked after the machines (are there any in the Industrial Museum,  and should they include the first mobile phones now ?)
who became Remmington .…(for the Ind. Museum).

Safe,  kind of ‘topical’ post,  USofA new President, Remmington NY. Email spies,  Kindof.

Looking back a few hundred years:

They say the blank stone hewn ornaments on the E Side eaves of the Hall are there with no words carved on them to remember the indictment of the last Prior of Lenton, one Nicholas Heath and his monks who all met a sticky end at the hands of Henry viii sidekicks in 146?something.

Hope we arent playing ‘The Field of the Cloth of Gold’ all over again with Brexit/is.


Theres a few random thoughts for a Monday morning.

Love the new Orkney programme too, 1000 years whaling station in 4000BC amazing.

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Nottingham Confidential: Celebrate Chinese New Year At Nottingham Lakeside Arts

28-29th January

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Have Fun in 2017

Lots to look forward to,  but first we need some snow for sledging and,  sigh,  that means icy cold!

Super coffees and snacks in the coffee bar and at the caravan cafe,  lots fun on the adventure playpark! A New dinosaur exhibition coming in the Hall and lots happening in the E and W Midlands and S Yorks for days out – some just car parking costs, others more expensive.

Two Pantomimes in Nottingham and others in Derby,  Leicester, Lincoln,  Sheffy,  Birmingham – see the local ones!


Heres hoping the ‘Related Posts’ option just selected works,  meanwhile heres an annotated version
Looking back to 2012 (see the yearly archive page) and some video info.

Basic Post about the snowy winter 2012:

Video complications:-

Theres a Sledging vid from 2012 as well but it’s not simple to run for some reason,  app api’s,  wordpress content. It’s fun to look back and see the fun the snow brings though.

This Flickr sledging video might only play if you have a Flickr account it seems that on my smartphone the vid-media player doesnt show as an option when i click the link but opening the option to open the flickr app does come up.

It may be my system or Flickr that renders the vid difficult to play the easiest route is via a Flickr account.

 Sadly basic doesn’t always allow videos to be uploaded and played directly without a card number and subscription payment (£85 pa) lodged with wordpress.  It’s not necessarily the best system,  maybe it would be worth upgrading (and hoping Flickr is compatible) but payung with paypal would be safer. 

Often music or vid links from Facebook for example have similar hassles.

The solution may be to download and learn and use at some point for more functionality; but thats lots pc space and against the simple philosophy of this blog being 95% made on an android smartphone.

 It would be cool if agreed free videos on in 2017,  but possibly its an anti ‘dodgy info’ mechanism in which case it’s cool.


You may need a Flickr account to play the fun in the park sledging video – one good point is Flickr doesnt have ads. The same applies for all online vid sites,  youtube,  vimeo etc.

 Just think everyone in the park having fun in 2012 is now five years older. If the vid downloads when you click on it,  its mp4 i think. It was taken 5 February 2012.

Complicated just to view a Flickr vid? Maybe Try Flickr.

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Happy New Year 2017

Have fun in 2017

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My Nottingham (@mynottingham) • Instagram photos and videos

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New Year’s Eve: 31 December at Nottingham Castle

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Merry Christmas 2016

Have a lovely Christmas,  sophisticated,  religious,  rural,  towny,  however you celebrate have a super time.

 If you are lonely or unlucky enough to be without a home we wish you warmth, and shelter,  food,  health and friends to share the day and the winter and hope for better days for the remainder of the year and in 2017.

There are Church Services in the local and City churches,  some are ticket only for safety reasons especially the candlelight ones. In previous years  the midnight service in the village hasnt been a ticket one.

If you enjoy the blog and twitter and you would like to send a contribution for the internet time you can do so via paypal and this email address:- 

Its simple to setup a paypal and for lots of online contributions, subscriptions and even purchases its probably safer than bank cards, and its useful if you want to share payments between friends for evenings out etc.

Hope Santa finds you!

Merry Christmas

safe from storms and snow!

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Annual Wollaton Park carpark tickets (courtyard shop)

Make super Christmas Presents!

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Tweets on Twitter lists

Useful twitter lists,  hope its a Sunshiny weekend,  wrap up warm,  visit the park, grab a coffee at the caravan while the kids let off steam in the playpark or visit the super coffee bar-cafe in the Courtyard.

Checkout some twitter info:


The internet changes fast sometimes:-

Update Saturday 17th December,  Twitter have changed how to access lists so now you need a twitter of your own (created using an email address) then search in twitter (the magnifying glass) for Wollaton_nottm and when you have the profile click follow! To access all the lists look at the Wollaton_nottm tiny ‘sproket’ icon or the sidebar on a computer for all the lists. Its quite upsetting its all changed,  as the lists are public,  not private.

Travelling over the weekend  – the travel twitter list is useful.


Sport tweeter


Days out (check the blog page links too)


Photography, Interests, Art


Coffee Cup,  Literary


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