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Beeston Lock & Marina

February 28, 2015

The River is High and it’s very ‘bracing’ but worth a look.



Deep of the Winter!

February 4, 2015

Look after each other!

The Canal is frozen



Stay warm and cosy, wrap up for Wintery walks, hope the Snow stays away!!

Wintery River

January 31, 2015

Beyond the City and Suburbs and the well ordered Park, even beyond the River Marina’s beyond ‘Civilisation’ (with piped centrally heated homes) travelling all of 5-7 miles, there’s another world …

The Mystical River on a Winter dismal afternoon or ‘Spooky nearly in Flood’!  Beyond meandering: determined and swollen at the limit of the Ofer – (an old word for Bank or Shore!)

We the subjects, are liable to be called out in better months ‘Shingling’ – thats clearing the banks and possibly finding building material while we work!  It’s an old By-law and was enforceable by the ‘Wardens’


Check the Facebook link on the Sidebar for ‘Around the UK Winter photo shares and info!

There are, of course, lots of lovely Pubs, Restaurants and Tea Rooms and Garden Centres with Cafes in the County villages and along the River – Even Museums and County Towns with super shops etc Southwell, Newark, Ruddington, and more in other Counties the River flows through!

They just aren’t in the Photo’s!

see the River Trent page on this blog and Villages on:-

New Years Day – Trams & Skelly service on Trent Barton

January 1, 2015

Twitter @NETTram:  we are operating our full weekday timetable with extra trams after midnight. See for more info.
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Check their twitters!

All Around the UK Facebook

January 1, 2015

Just because it’s New Year’s Day!

Happy New Year

Thanks Family, Friends and Followers the Blog, Facebook and Twitter (see the side column) are fun and have evolved over the last three years and kind of keep us up to date!

Make a blog of your own maybe, theres a page here on how to make one with an Android Smartphone. These three social media sites have been and will continue to be made 95% with an Android or Simbian phone!


(No idea who the person in the pic is!)

P.S. There’s no public transport today!

Have fun, make lots resolutions, SMART ones ..

‘My Self’ focused
Art included
Reading and Writing added

Sounds like it’s time to play with Instagram, or SnapChat!

Happy New Year’s Eve 2014

December 31, 2014

@Reuters: PHOTOS: The world ushers in 2015.
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Lots Tweets on

Including Nottm City Transport, Trent Barton etc timetable … just the late nite buses.

There are Weather, Motorway, Bus Companies, Train info, Breakdown AA and RAC and Nottm City Taxi twitter accounts on the list below plus a taxi register for other Cities.!/wollaton_nottm/travel-traff-weather-safe

Stay safe if driving you have taken ‘the pledge’ for the night and are on non-alcoholic drinks till you are home please. It’s important please, the roads are still wintery and you need quick and safe reactions! Thanks.

Side Roads and County Roads are still really icy and without the buses the main roads could ice up again too. 

Make sure everyone has a Happy New Year.

Firework Display at Nottingham Castle!

A special Happy New Year to anyone who’s on their own.

pics made from Photo to lab and Photo Funia Android apps from the Google play store

Photo Competition Exhibition

December 28, 2014

Theres an exhibition of the Photo Competition entries in their categories in the Courtyard (usually in the room opposite the Shop). Congratulations to all those taking part as well as the winners!


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