Spring Evenings

Just as lovely as Autumn, horizontal sunlight around 8pm, a tad chilly outside the park and along the canal ‘elbow’ at Cossall. There’s a mini Marky  Sparks, and an Argos over the railway bridge into Ilko, and a hyper Tesco and Aldi plus fast food on the new road into Ilko. Apologies local zoopermarkets.

Personal comment; it has to be said:- It’s super to use an Android again for Photo’s and Blogging… and on a health note, the two dislocated knees at two different jobs from last year are finally better!! Soooo looking forward to Summer 2016 as last year was definitely not fun!!


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European Archery Championships, Nottingham Old Market Square, May 28/9 2016


Nottm City Info and Tickets


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Wollaton Park Autokarna 5-6 June 2016


The Pre-War Austin Seven Club



Austin Seven Club Event: Link and Pic permission given previously, and a new email sent to the lovely Austin Seven Club for 2016

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The Beautiful River Trent


There are lots of supa walks along the Trent both E and W of Nottingham, this photo is taken at Hoveringham; remember those lovely pubs and restaurants for a lunch or dinner that were part of life last Summer? Then home late afternoon to Wollaton Park where the contrast of a sheltered park space really makes a sunshiny day even more special; and now the Playpark is there for the kids to run around safely!

There’s nothing nicer than the Park in the evening; (cept anywhere where the crowds have left maybe; perhaps a beach as the tide rolls in and the Sun goes down…drift..).

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Wollaton Park May 2016


Hurrah, my Android smartphone gave up the ghost after linking it to the net bus wifi some time ago, coincidence or the fact it had a different ‘api’ address I don’t know. This new (preloved!) one now has all the hassles of the first eg taking HDR photos (3 same pics different exp and then blended) which then won’t process for whatever reason!

The Park is lovely, around and about at the roadside and in the local gardens there’s lots of Blossom finally on the trees; the Daffy’s were lovely and the Bluebells will be in the Woods soon. Will be checking the Camellias later but it could be too late!! The Rhododendrons will be in blossom soon too in the Park and on University Boulevard and the University Lakeside walk.

It seems we have been waiting for Spring ‘proper’ since February. Mild winters and early Easter’s are confusing.

Lots Sunshiny Days.. Check the twitter on the sidebar!

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Earth Hour 19th March 2016

Check out Earth Hour!


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ESAA Cross Country today

There’s a Schools Cross Country event today … searching twitter

brought up lots of tweets – check the twitter on the sidebar too


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Mother’s Day – Sunday!!

happy mothers day 2016

You can print the pic if you like …

Happy Mum’s Day

My Little mum isn’t here any more – I think she’s gardening somewhere with our lovely Dad, but as she was 91, that’s sort of cool … to any of her friends the Morning Coffee and Afternoon Tea world was really awesome!!

I miss her playing Mozart.  In the link here, the pianist isn’t significant (should i apologise? its just a link)… I just couldn’t find a woman pianist who played like her …

It’s classical music – but that was my little mum’s awesome talent – as well as “They’ll be coming Round the Mountain” and “Little Brown Jug” and many many more for sing-along’s.  All the Aunts and Uncles and cousins could play mostly by ear- but little mum was a real pianist and read the most complicated music.  Some classical, some music from the shows … musicals …lovely on a sunny afternoon.  She sang lots too in the house doing flower arrangements with her friends for Church and Women’s group meetings.  The kitchen was often full of flowers and foliage and pots of flowers or huge arrangements being made.  If only varifocals had been cheap then maybe i would have played too – it’s just too tough when you can’t see the music and the keys !!!

So this is for the oldies ..or the music buffs!



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Just Waiting for Spring …

This gallery contains 2 photos.

  ok, the pic was taken early March-time last year … but its so DREICHT unless you just catch the one hour of sunshine …

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Storm Gertie


My nana Gertie looked out over this view as she was born at Stoke Bardolph on the River Trent just the other side of Nottingham from Wollaton- there are even more family Greats who were born and lived there: Ancestors who lived here by the river going back some 500 years.

The river is relentless and floods again and again – year in, year out.  The family were Cupits, a name associated with windmills (nearly every village had one – a windmill that is; then it was  a building absolutely necessary to mill the flour!) there’s a modern Windmill nearby now and it was turning in the wind today – silently.  The Swan flying up the river made more noise with its wing-beats!

The water looked cold – almost ready to freeze over if it wasn’t running fast.







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