Earth Hour 19th March 2016

Check out Earth Hour!

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ESAA Cross Country today

There’s a Schools Cross Country event today … searching twitter

brought up lots of tweets – check the twitter on the sidebar too

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Mother’s Day – Sunday!!

happy mothers day 2016

You can print the pic if you like …

Happy Mum’s Day

My Little mum isn’t here any more – I think she’s gardening somewhere with our lovely Dad, but as she was 91, that’s sort of cool … to any of her friends the Morning Coffee and Afternoon Tea world was really awesome!!

I miss her playing Mozart.  In the link here, the pianist isn’t significant (should i apologise? its just a link)… I just couldn’t find a woman pianist who played like her …

It’s classical music – but that was my little mum’s awesome talent – as well as “They’ll be coming Round the Mountain” and “Little Brown Jug” and many many more for sing-along’s.  All the Aunts and Uncles and cousins could play mostly by ear- but little mum was a real pianist and read the most complicated music.  Some classical, some music from the shows … musicals …lovely on a sunny afternoon.  She sang lots too in the house doing flower arrangements with her friends for Church and Women’s group meetings.  The kitchen was often full of flowers and foliage and pots of flowers or huge arrangements being made.  If only varifocals had been cheap then maybe i would have played too – it’s just too tough when you can’t see the music and the keys !!!

So this is for the oldies ..or the music buffs!



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Just Waiting for Spring …

This gallery contains 2 photos.

  ok, the pic was taken early March-time last year … but its so DREICHT unless you just catch the one hour of sunshine …

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Storm Gertie


My nana Gertie looked out over this view as she was born at Stoke Bardolph on the River Trent just the other side of Nottingham from Wollaton- there are even more family Greats who were born and lived there: Ancestors who lived here by the river going back some 500 years.

The river is relentless and floods again and again – year in, year out.  The family were Cupits, a name associated with windmills (nearly every village had one – a windmill that is; then it was  a building absolutely necessary to mill the flour!) there’s a modern Windmill nearby now and it was turning in the wind today – silently.  The Swan flying up the river made more noise with its wing-beats!

The water looked cold – almost ready to freeze over if it wasn’t running fast.







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Meanwhile, back at the ‘Ranch’

Really must find some sunshine..


Luckily we aren’t waist deep in snow… The kids of course would be happy if the ‘across the Atlantic’ (Pond?) snow blizzard did turn up in the UK.

Check the Facebook (link on the Fbk page) for around the UK photo’s. Scotland by the Roadside Facebook group are on there and they have some totally awesome Photo’s.

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Wollaton Park, ten minutes from Beeston Town Centre and the River Trent

On a quite dismal (ten minutes sun doesn’t count) winter day…

Definitely a super place, but it’s taking a long time to sort the old Plessey, GPT, Siemens Uk Telecoms buildings.

The River is quite High and the last pic is the Straws Bridge Reservoir – if I add one of Attenborough Nature Reserve today it will be an old photo (location: because that’s where the River Footpath goes, old pic as visits and photo’s were on hold with the tram works).  Time for a visit there but maybe it’s a good idea to wait for brighter weather … there are cool Shops, Pubs and Restaurants in Beeston (one hour free car parking) and along both the High Road (the Tram route and ordinary traffic now) and the Main Road towards Long Eaton.

Attenborough is just outside Beeston and there’s a cool Nottinghamshire Wildlife Visitor Centre and Shop plus Bird Hides to view the birds living on the Gravel Pits and the Trent.

The Swans fly in and out from Straws Bridge Reservoir so if its not such a good day they know where its sheltered.  The Canal at Erewash and Cossall are good haunts for finding wildlife too but Cossall is really cold when the weather takes a turn and you can often see the Canal frozen over.

Ilkeston has some good small town Shops too.

It was sad when Plessey Telecommunications went (later GPT and Siemens) altogether (14,000 worked there are one time) but some 100 years earlier the first Penny Farthing and basic Bicycles were built in Beeston by Humber Marriott and Cooper and that Company is long gone – and Jesse Boot had Boots Pure Drug Co which is still there, just celebrating the 80th birthday of the No 7 Cosmetics.

Beeston Boilers, Pork Farms and lots of other companies thrived in the 60s and 70s. World War 1 had the Ordinance Factory where the Canary Girls made the weapons. Chilwell barracks is still here but we definitely need some more Employers in Nottingham.

Its such a super location with the Motorway nearby and near the East Coast – and its halfway to most places with a local Airport … cool roads, the local house prices are not extortionate its a wonder why we aren’t attracting more large employers in. …

We did of course have DH Lawrence and the contentious novels banned for so long and now considered classics … the largest Council Estate in Europe at one time … the biggest Ten Pin Bowling Alley for years … and now the Broad Marsh Shopping Centre is being re-vamped (traffic disruption hopefully worth it)…

So much lovely countryside nearby with Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire Parks and villages … Country pubs … just cool (sadly no coastline or beaches) … just check the blog pages.



Testing out the ‘new’ (secondhand kk) Android while the original is mended, and finding my favourite Apps have changed lots for Tablet Pc’s…

Photo Grid, & Photo Editor.

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Straws Bridge Circular in Ilkeston, United Kingdom | MapMyWalk

Mapmywalk is a cool app for some Winter walks (all around the year too) Wollaton Park has plenty of space to walk but nearby there are other interesting green spaces with short or longer walks or just places to feed the ducks or chill awhile for a change.

The River Trent has lots of footpaths, at Beeston, Clifton or the East of Nottingham but with the potential flooding these are often waterlogged and really cold with a fierce wind chill at this time of year.

Ilkeston-West Hallam’s Swan Lake or Straws Lake is a tad milder and only a few miles away with lots of birds especially the Swans Ducks, Seagulls and sometimes Herons as well as Butterflies. The Friends of Straws Lake have a Facebook and website, link as soon as their ok to post it is returned!


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Those Lovely Days of Summer

Looking back through the blog, we really have had some super Summer Days in the last few years!

Some of us even remember the last Half Century of lovely Summer’s or more and isn’t it awesome now today’s kids have a proper playground again: although in my day parents weren’t allowed in our space.

There is an Adventure Playgroup at Balloon Woods after School and in the holidays in the daytime and that’s brill’ too!

Bramcote Park is another Greenspace nearby with a traditional playground and Woods to walk with the Hemlock Stone just across the road and the Holocaust Remembrance Garden that’s a tad bleak this time of year; but hey kids need to be tired out to sleep well and Greenspace is good for us even if it’s rainy!!

The Coffee bars at the Garden Centres the Bramcote Lane shops and the Local Pub-Restaurants are welcoming.

Beeston is cool for shopping and there are Leisure Centres at Bramcote Beechdale and Harvey Haddon at Bilborough.

As well as the Park and their yummy cafe’s – there are other Notts County spaces about a half day trip: Sherwood Forest, Sherwood Pines, Sherwood Craft Centre, Clumber Park, Rufford Abbey and Thoresby.

Attenborough Nature Reserve – check the pages for links.


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Just setting up a new (2nd hand) Android…

Lots of sorting pics and Photo’s, apps!!
Happy New Year folks 2016!

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