Still green here – land green rather than Aurora Green!

The green of the land – against the green of the skies …. it’s been Aurora watch in Scotland and there are the most awesome photos of the Green Aurora skies on the Facebook link – check the page on the menu, hopefully the link works.


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Pics again soon – the lovely Android Smartphone has broken …

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Rocking 1950’s – Robin Hood Golf Tournament – Other Wollaton Park Events!

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Its the 719th Goose Fair !! Till Sunday …


Vid taken a couple of years ago – but hey, it’s more or less the same Fair …. “Without the Steam Boats, it’s just not the same …”

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Fun Astrology if anyone is interested – for the Eclipse!!


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Robin Hood Marathon this Sunday – Ikano Robin Hood Marathon and Half Marathon

(links thanks to the Ikano Robin Hood Marathon and Half Marathon – Cited and clickable home and Travel links for info)

Travel Info – Roads etc. around Nottingham

Quote from their website – please check for other info


Due to road closures bus services in Nottingham will be affected on the day. Please check the Nottingham City Transport website – and Trent Barton – for further information about how your travel may be affected.

(British Rail see the Nottingham Half Marathon Travel weblink)


Trams will operate from start of service on 27th September between Clifton South and Wilford Village tram stop (close to Victoria Embankment) this will be the case until approx 16.30 when normal cross city services are expected to resume.

Runners can therefore park at Clifton South just of the A453 Junction 24 of the M1. If you are running you can purchase a £2 event ticket from the ticket machine. Runners travelling with families or groups that intend to travel both ways together can purchase a five for £5 ticket which allows two adults and up to three children under 16 travel all day. Children under 5 travel free.

Wilford Village tram stop is a short walk from the event village. There will be staff on hand to direct people on the day.

More information regarding the changes to service can be found by visiting:


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The Tour of Britain – check times and info

Info From the Nottm City Council website link:-  Lots of traffic restrictions check the twitter on the sidebar for Bus and Tram info twitter links.

Just so you know ….Wollaton may be gridlocked for a short while, but it’s worth it!!

“The Tour enters Nottinghamshire in Trowell between 2:30pm – 3:35pm, before travelling through Wollaton, past the Priory Island and along the edge of Wollaton Park/the University of Nottingham, and into the city.

The Route in Nottingham is from Coventry Lane (Balloon Woods) along the entire length of Wollaton Vale turning left onto the A52 at Priory Island towards the QMC Island. From the QMC Island along the A6200 Derby Road until the cyclists reach the A6130 Lenton Boulevard where they will turn left. They will then travel the entire length of Lenton and Radford Boulevard crossing over the A610 Alfreton Road and continuing down the entire length of Gregory Boulevard. At the end of Gregory Boulevard they will turn right through the double roundabout and continue up the A60 Mansfield Road before finally turning right into the Forest Rec and finishing with a sprint past the pavilion.

The entire length of the route will be closed with parking restrictions. Although some ad hoc crossing points will be available on the route, to avoid delay to journeys we recommend avoiding the route of the Tour completely if possible, between 2-4pm on Friday 11 September. Traffic around the Forest Recreation Ground may also be heavy after the event ends after 4pm.

Some buses in and around the route area will be diverted or will terminate earlier than usual due to road closures – including services using Derby Road and Mansfield Road. Check with your bus operator for the latest information.”

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The Tour of Britain Cycle Race 2015 zooms past Wollaton on Friday 11th Sept!!

This of course means

a)  we have a Supa Supa Cycle Race

b)  the A52, Gregory Boulevard and Lenton Boulevard will be closed for a short while                 (2.30- 3.35 – advised on the City website – but check as info can change etc. etc.)

Gridlock Heaven – but its worth it!! Safe of course etc etc  kk

Here’s hoping the poorly riders from La Vuelta are better soon …

Nottingham – We were Cycle City!!!   (Raleigh and Sturmey Archer!!)

Local Info:-  (see our Cycle History in the Industrial Museum in Wollaton Park)

Hey we know about Cycles and Roads  – Triumph Road and Ilkeston was Gridlocked with THOUSANDS yes THOUSANDS of bicycles every morning and evening when Raleigh Industries was in it’s ‘Heyday’… and it really was THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE on BICYCLES GOING TO WORK AND HOME AGAIN …no kids not friendly family – just full on ‘out of my way’ bicycles – with people cycling to work to make more bicycles!

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Newstead Abbey and the Folk Festival this weekend!

There’s a Folk Festival at Newstead Abbey this weekend!!

The website has a huge photo of Newstead Abbey grounds from the air and so is lots of data.

The ticket page is here … (It looks like £45 and £35 Sat and Sun and there’s a pay on the gate if there are tickets left – 11.30am Sat on their website but check with twitter presumably)



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Twitter – Does yours go slow? Is it the Photo sizes, will Twitter give us pic size options?



An ordinary Photo if it’s not a thumbnail can be uploaded to twitter at 3264 pixels horizontally and 2448 vertically – a 1.53Mb upload – no wonder twitter is slowing down!!

(and it’s our Wollaton Hall, been there for hundreds of years kk!!)

DSC_2449 teeny  lovely Hall –  50 Pixels  horizontally

DSC_2368 150

Super Gardens – 150 Pixels horizontally


Supa Hall – 500 Pixels horizontally

Having sent the same info to Twitter Support (they have info Twitter is working too slowly!) I wonder if there will be a reply?





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