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3 May: Napoleonic Event : Wollaton Park

May 2, 2015

Last Year’s Re-enactment was a fun day!

The weather isn’t often really warm until the Late Spring Bank Holiday (old style Whitsuntide!) so plan for layers!

Google Search Result links Nottinghamshire Regiments and Napoleonic Wars

Internet Info often needs Verifying, Regiment websites will be accurate, books in the Library, Ancestry records etc. Lots of families lost Precious family members.


Pers note- unhappy my French car diagnostic code from a posh garage = the same number as a Nottm Regiment of Foot, is it a kind of data co-incidence, foreign built in obselescence unfunny joke, typo? Pure Co-incidence? Just is. Will resolve shortly. Is it Programmed into every Right-hand drive? NB from a Cavalry family if so!

Check the new Top10 by Bus page on the menu!

For Googlers

Update media please, a war isnt really happening in the Park – Cars are used to travel to work in the UK and for family transport.
Satellite info Lat, Long 52N57 01W10

Lateral thought …

Wonder if there will ever be Rave Re-enactments (ask the ex Ford workers maybe?) Once every car has an IP address – presumably our future will evolve ‘naturally’ spose according to shades of Green and retailing patterns.


#Transition isn’t extreme – yet.

There are Annual Car park tickets at the Courtyard Shop, not sure if they include all events – it probably depends on the agreement with the Event Organisers.

Traffic Wardens do ticket cars with no car parking payment!

May Day!

April 30, 2015


St George’s Day

April 23, 2015

@MyNottingham: Happy St George’s Day! Head to Square at 12.30 for the parade arrival, and FREE live music
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Earth Day 2015!

April 22, 2015

@GreenIsTweet: EarthDay2015: Meet 6 of the World’s Top #Environmental Heroes – #activists #climate #earthday #environment
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Mmm Motor Show!

April 21, 2015

@timUKMotorsLtd: Come down and see the full range of Fiat cars & Isuzu pick-up trucks at the Motor Show Wollaton Park don’t be shy.
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Easter Holidays!

April 11, 2015

Supa Day – Remember it’s April and therefore Rainy Shower’s too; the lovely UK has one nice day and two not so good all the way through early Spring until the May blossom is out and we are halfway to Summer!



There are Annual Car Park tickets in the Courtyard shop (the Traffic Wardens do turn up!) and its cool to hop off the bus (NCT 30, Trent Barton Rainbow Two) and grab an Ice Cream or Coffee on the way home from Town! (Bus lanes work better than taking the Car!)

Lots of other places to visit- Local ones on the Twitter (sidebar link) Theatres and Cinema (Stumbleupom link sidebar, a tiny one line link- then click on the ‘likes’ and scroll down the homepage needs an update but click again and theres the latest info! ).

Then there are lots of around the UK on various topics and local pages. The Facebook link (page and sidebar) is similar with lots of beautiful photos!

Looking forward to a long happy Spring, Summer and Indian Summer 2015!

Happy Easter 2015 in Nottingham & the EMids!

April 3, 2015

Lots of Easter happenings all around Nottingham, Notts and the EMids. Twitter updates on the sidebar!


A Serious note – Its a good time to remember to check Tetanus immunity and  innocculation boosters for 2015 check with GPs soon – it’s more important the warmer the weather etc…Safe please – kids remind parents on Garden tool safety too please – thanks.

This is quite a serious post as theres the crazy media fest electioneering going on all the way to the General Election with dreadful class overtones that we thought we had grown out of! Probably promise untruths too.

Nevertheless – Its Lots of Chocolate Time! Mega Happy Kids. Wishing an Easter Egg for each one at least! Yipee!!

It’s maybe even a visit to Church for Easter ‘Celebrations’-time lots of lovely singing Sunday! The Easter Story is sad and relevant, so lots of support for people who are compromised for their Beliefs and lots of Tolerance for Humanist principles!

Have a Super Easter with family and-or friends!!

Easter starts the touristy season in most places including around the Coast but although we have lighter evenings its rarely warm even when the Sun is out so maybe outside you will still want a coat or a wolly cardigan, it can rain too with lots of April Showers. It’s nowhere near Summer yet so don’t let the media fool you.

If you are working – have your Happy Easter in the week please. Thanks from everyone for being such an awesome EMids Retail, Catering and Tourism team!! Folks going out for others to work for them – Lots patience and kindness please maybe even tips! Especial Thanks to Carers. Transport etc

Dont forget to De- stress theres Lots of lovely fresh air in the park!! And a lovely Cafe!

Lovely Restaurants places to visit, Garden Centres. Plenty of Arty or Music happenings too Pubs, Cafes, Theatres, Shopping! Check the twitter lists!

The Thanks and hope for Kindness and Tolerance and no playing class games stands for all Weekends, Evenings, Bank Holidays (used to be called unsocial hours working) – Good Quality folk don’t play one upmanship games etc etc. Just in case, the EMids isn’t particularly wealthy and everyone depends on someone or something and we do want lots of Tourists turning up! kk. Mums are included too!

Have a fun Easter Holiday

Lovely team EMids and Nottm-Notts the Season’s just started!! Have fun all the way to Autumn! Make lots of pennies. Work Hard, Play Hard & look after one another! Remember the Theatres can ‘lampoon’ unkind folk!! Its tradition.


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