Mother’s Day 26-03-2017  or Mothering Sunday (Two different celebrations?)…  & Grandmother’s Day??

The Origins of Mothering Sunday and the Nottinghamshire Connection – Nottingham Hidden History Team

There’s also Primrose Sunday and Cowslip Sunday’s (where the villages/villagers welcomed the townfolk and sold homemade beer and pies and cheese and there were games played maybe races etc.but they kept their daughters indoors!) 

Useful celebrations for folk without children too.Its ok to buy Primrose or Cowslips for anyone there’s no ill luck.

Violet Sunday and giving bunches of violets comes a little later. Giving and receiving or buying violets used to signify being able to go out and about.  A woman wearing a violet or a bunch of violets was allowed to work according to my mum’s village folklore; the ‘lads’ went looking for them (the violets) in the fields to give to the girls (not just one girl,  all their friends).  They sold the bunches they picked in town too. If you wanted a marriage or partnership where you stayed home as a wife or mum and never intended to work,  you had to not wear violets in your hair,  hat or on your coat lapel (nor wear violet jewellery)! The purple violet with green leaves was also linked to the sufferagettes. (Women mad for Parliament!)

Theres lots of Flower folklore! 

Time for a Folklaw page maybe!

Wearing a bright red hat also meant the girls were afraid of or wary of something,  often they were worn when the Steam Engine came on its rounds to do the ploughing or the threshing!

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Earth Hour – updates around the world!


Safety  lamps are much better than candles,  resolve to be Ultra careful this year and buy that safety lamp for next year.

Check pics around the world, Website, Twitter and Facebook 

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Earth Hour 25th March 2017,  &   World Water Day 22nd March 2017



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Counties,  County Towns,  Cities and most importantly,  lots of Parks!

County Map of England – English Counties Map

An awesome website,  lots of photo’s from all around England,  and you can post your own favourite journeys and places in pictures.

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Snowdrops at Hodsock Priory

Super Nottinghamshire 

Places to visit:-

Please see the details on Hodsock Priory; home to a wonderful Snowdrop display (and in response to an invitation to forward a guest blogpost). 

The aim is to cheer us all up in the deep of the winter!

Beautiful snowdrops!  

This information is from the team at Hodsock Priory in North Nottinghamshire and includes an image courtesy of Ryan Browne photography.

Hodsock Priory, Blyth, Worksop, Notts, S81 0TY 

T 01909 591204 M 07866 515111

Hodsock’s renowned winter gardens are nestled within the Buchanan family’s 800 acre estate which includes more than 100 acres of woodland. Four million snowdrops cover around five acres of the estate, including naturalised collections, established displays and lawns packed with tiny white flowers. 
Snowdrops at Hodsock opens daily from 10am to 4pm, Saturday 4th February to Sunday 5th March 2017. Admission is £5 for adults, £4.50 for groups of 10+, £1 for children over 6, and infants and wheelchair users are admitted free of charge. 

Details and advance tickets are available at  

Full Details:-

Snowdrops at Hodsock Priory 2017 Open daily from 10am to 4pm, Saturday 4th February to Sunday 5th March 2017. Admission £5 for adults, £4.50 for groups of 10+, £1 for children over 6, infants and wheelchair users free. Full details and advance tickets available at  

Hodsock’s renowned winter gardens are nestled within the Buchanan family’s 800 acre estate which includes more than 100 acres of woodland. Four million snowdrops cover around five acres of the estate, including natural collections, established displays and lawns packed with tiny white flowers. A number of Galanthus species are featured including:

Galanthus Atkinsii

Galanthus Sam Arnot

Galanthus Worwonowii

Galanthus Lady Beatrix Stanley (named after Sir Andrew Buchanan’s Grandmother)

Galanthus Elwesii

Galanthus Magnet

Galanthus Plicatus

Galanthus Viridipicis

Galanthus Allenii

Galanthus Barbara’s Double (named after Sir Andrew’s Mother)

Galanthus Augustus

Galanthus Bill Bishop

Galanthus Brenda Troyle

Galanthus Hill Poe

Galanthus Robin Hood

Galanthus Nivalis double

Galanthus Nivalis single

Surrounding the 19th century house are five acres of formal gardens, landscaped in the 1820s. Beyond the North Lawn and over the stream, the 12 acre Horsepasture Wood, established pre-1725, is home to veteran oak trees that are over 400 years old.

The formal gardens will be awash with winter blooms during February and aside from snowdrops, the popular and mostly fragrant plant species include: hellebores, cyclamen, aconites, irises, acers, cornus, sarcococca, winter honeysuckle.

There’s a well signed walk around the gardens which can be accessed by wheelchair or buggy, with short cuts for those who are less mobile, and walk extensions for those wanting to roam the woodland. Extended walks around the estate and local area are signposted. Routes across grassland and woodland can get very muddy which can be challenging for wheelchairs, motorised vehicles and pushchairs.

Welcome refreshments are available in the heated and windowed Marquee Tea Room near the Gatehouse. Every day homemade food from Ann Wright and her trusty team will be served, from cream teas, cakes and sandwiches, to warming soups and pie and peas.

Meanwhile the outdoor Woodland Café is open each day serving tea, coffee, hot chocolate, bacon and sausage sandwiches by the roaring camp fire – also the place for picnicking and meeting for the daily history talk. 

Ninth generation resident and General Manager, George Buchanan, and his estate team enjoy giving daily talks and tours of the gardens, during Snowdrops at Hodsock. Visitors to the daily history talk will learn the secrets of Hodsock’s colourful past and how Snowdrops at Hodsock came to be. As 2016 is the 25th year of opening to the public, this is a momentous time for the family.

Children are always welcome at Hodsock either enjoying a run round the parkland, trying out the balancing posts in the woodland play area, or following the ‘Can you find it in the Garden?’ game.

Our open air plant sale is a must for all visitors. Whether you are looking for winter blooms, potting plants, hardy perennials or small shrubs and trees, we stock a collection of quality, well maintained products. We’re pleased to welcome professional gardeners’ Floral Media back to Hodsock in 2016 to stock and run our Snowdrop Plant Sale and Gift Shop. Take a piece of Hodsock home with you by purchasing one of our snowdrop bulbs.

The Gift Shop offers a range of gifts and souvenirs from your visit to Hodsock and Paula and Steve Routledge who run the shop are also on hand to offer gardening hints and tips.

 Toilets, including disabled access and baby change, are available on site in addition to plenty of free parking.

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Ey up me Duckie’s!

Photo from 2014                                                                  

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2017 National Cross Country Championships | English Cross Country Association Wollaton Park Saturday 25th

Exciting 25th February the National Cross Country Championships in the Park!

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Light Night Tonight!

Tonight: The Robin Hood Energy, Nottingham Light Night 2017
Pics from previous years,  and Information Link


Quote from the link:-
Robin Hood Energy Light Night will take place on Friday 10 February 2017, celebrating its tenth year. The printed programme is now available from participating venues, Nottingham Tourism Centre and Central Library or click here to download it.(on the link above)
One of the highlights will be the Wheel of Nottingham which will be in the Old Market Square from Saturday 28 January to Sunday 12 March but, on Light Night, will be transformed into the Wheel of Light with a special light show consisting of complex patterns created with 75,000 bulbs.
Other returning favourites will include Arts Council England-funded installations, free entry to Nottingham Castle and Brewhouse Yard, the Light Night Market and free live music performances. Some of the new venues for the tenth Light Night are the William Booth Birthplace Museum in Sneinton, the Arboretum and ‘Line of Light’ on Station Street. More information on the activities in the programme and last-minute updates are available here.
If you are part of an organisation that wants to run an event on Light Night, you can still be included on our website. Get in touch by sending an email to 
We are looking for volunteers on the night to give directions, assist artists or sell the Light Night badges that help fund the event. If you’re aged 18 or over and available for at least three hours on the night, please get in touch at
Write a four-word, five-word or six-word poem around the theme of light and send it to the Nottingham City of Literature poem bank at
Light Night is sponsored by Robin Hood Energy, a not-for-profit company that offers low tariffs to help tackle fuel poverty and make energy more affordable for all households in England, Scotland and Wales.
Light Night is proudly brought to you by Nottingham City Council with support from partners.
Light Night photo wall
We invite you to send us your photos of past Light Nights along with your wishes for the city as it celebrates the tenth Light Night and, after the event, your pictures of this year’s event.
The photos will be uploaded here and you will be able to vote for your favourite. The winner will get their photo framed and an additional prize. Entries close on 17 February and winners will be announced on 17 March.
Enter with your images here

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Photo Dilydaydream 7th March 2016

7th March 2016

Now there 59 days left to Spring!

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64 Days left of Winter!

Resolutions 2017

To keep writing resources, tutoring and writing a … book … typing a book,  keep taking photos, tweeting and blogging. Find a sunshiny greenspace, seaside place in summer.

Just wish ‘they’ would let us all retire at 62-3 with an option to work to 67 its tough when you have repetitive strain, carpel tunnel! Its such a long haul to 67.

Thanks for years of fun working typing (20 something years) Admin, Quality etc. and Teaching, Tutoring: Thankfully not really politics.  I dont want to stop working for pin money but my paid infor state pension should be paid as well.  We dont want revenge just what we agreed to.

Thanks to the Android developers and the amazing folk before them who invented typewriters who saved me from no pennies back in ’78 and a happy retirement to those fellas who were engineers and looked after the machines (are there any in the Industrial Museum,  and should they include the first mobile phones now ?)
who became Remmington .…(for the Ind. Museum).

Safe,  kind of ‘topical’ post,  USofA new President, Remmington NY. Email spies,  Kindof.

Looking back a few hundred years:

They say the blank stone hewn ornaments on the E Side eaves of the Hall are there with no words carved on them to remember the indictment of the last Prior of Lenton, one Nicholas Heath and his monks who all met a sticky end at the hands of Henry viii sidekicks in 146?something.

Hope we arent playing ‘The Field of the Cloth of Gold’ all over again with Brexit/is.


Theres a few random thoughts for a Monday morning.

Love the new Orkney programme too, 1000 years whaling station in 4000BC amazing.

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