So much want to change the menu colour – but to change the theme …

A short interlude on wordpress hassle around menu’s (blog menu’s) – and then the new Venture for Tuition and courses that’s a continuation from 2012.

Just found out from Twitter that Nottinghamshire County Council are advertising Digital Champions via a Hampshire Company – its a cool idea but to really find out how websites are made, and how to set up the basics or just have a good startup course, a real tuition situation is a sound idea with a qualified tutor.

If you share course time with others, or book a hall for a group – or organise a talk with an existing group: that’s a good place to start and the cost is shared.  That way you are sure of the person in your space or who you are meeting, know they have a dbs and can be confident that the information you are receiving is correct – and computers are safe and the information is appropriate.

Check the Tuition link below.

This blog menu hassle  – It will take lots of data to find another theme that’s similar, that will allow customisation of the menu or have the right colour and position in the first place and have the ability to load all the header pics that were on the blog before –  patience and lots of data time … soon …etc

<Luckily the INFORMATION that’s on the pages is still really cool – particularly if you want a day or a weekend away with family or friends – and lots of UK info on the set of UK pages.  Click the menu options.

sigh … If the theme on wollypark could just go back to a white menu …. or a green one … sometimes when wordpress change their system we small folk get left out – it could be changed for $99 – but a new theme might be cool for a change  (i’ll find a solution soon it will just take gb’z of data.)

 Meanwhile everyone locally, ENJOY the Summer.  Checkout the new tuition site:-


which is a micro business for Tuition and other concepts and has a quote contact form and pricing.

Also the site for donations at

the reason to ask for donations is that there are now 1650 following accounts and nearly 1000 followers which is excellent. The wollaton_nottm twitter and the future plans to explore social media analytics are going to take lots of datatime – and the Librarians aren’t allowed to let us make info for paid work in the library – so its bband at home!

and if you are interested in either – contact using the info form or the email.

Donations for running the Wollaton_nottm twitter and the blog would be gratefully received. Plus of course requests for quotes for the Computer Courses or Tuition.

We are working towards the Nottingham Aim Higher concept (Plan Higher?) – where everyone is entitled to a work life balance and the opportunity for Education and to do well in life – as well as to have some quality leisure time and some reasonably well paid work. Its part of our human rights and they should not be withdrawn – its not possible to withdraw humanity as a concept anyway … its just a necessity in the real world: if there isn’t enough money to go round then its a small piece of land and time to grow food and leisure time and enough energy to help sustain ourselves! Green growing info blog links soon. From the internet – Radford Gardeners Assoc link is on here too.

Outdoors, health, info, fun, entertainment … Six weeks to forget whats already learnt etc etc!

Wifi and Mifi – The Librarians can cope with us computer folk for a while and the wifi is of course free there – which is supa but there are so many opportunities and the library closes at 7pm. … …

qaawyrd poster blue small

QAA-confidence light

There’s info on Courses and prices on the link.

qaawyrd donate web poster

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Splendour Festie 2015!

Hope it’s a Sunshiny Day and not like the year the lovely Madness and the Pogues were here – when it absolutely Torrented down!! Fingers Crossed.


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Nottingham and Notts Outdoor Theatre

The Nottm City Council link leads here!

Splendour Festival is of course, on the 18th for one day, in the Park.

Updates are on Twitter and Facebook!

Keep Checking the What’s on link page!

Here it is for now:-

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Sorry missed this one:- Don Giovanni screening live from the Royal Opera House: 3 July SOLD OUT – Nottingham City Council

Sorry missed this one:-

Don Giovanni screening live from the Royal Opera House: 3 July SOLD OUT – Nottingham City Council

The Sound,Test this afternoon was VERY loud!!

Little people and the unaware were almost in danger!

Luckily there was very little sound left at the back of the Lake !!

All in some Good Cause. Must check events more carefully, it didn’t even make the Twitter!!

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Summer 2015 – Photo Android Apps!

Photo Editor will zoom after taking a photo, using Crop and will Frame the pic as well as Share to other Apps plus lots of other awesome edits, Photo Grid is cool too.


There are similar apps for the i-phone and tablets!

Have a Snap-Happy Summer!

Picsin allows lots of Clip Art style additions and you can share from one app to the others, plus WordPress and Blogger! Sadly each time the photo is shared some of the clarity goes!!

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Summer 2015!


Splendour Festie soon, 18th July!

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Before Splendour there’s our Armed Forces Weekend !

Still miss the Steam Engine Rally day – but instead we have our Armed Forces Weekend – perhaps if the American GI Revival Crooners -Tea Dance Tent still turns up, it all could be fun!! 27th and 28th.

DSC_1134 (2)

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The 10k Fun Run

Happened last weekend, sad to have missed the event and not posted info but here’s the weblink!

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New Country Park & Yoga in Wollaton Park!

There’s an update on the ‘Notts Parks’ blogpage with info on our  new Nottinghamshire Gedling Country Park with a photo!

Its the other side of the City and outside the bus companies Greater Nottingham area and there are no shops near the Gedling Park so take a picnic although there are pubs with restaurants in Lambley and other villages nearby!

This Sunday there’s free Yoga
(thats a form of physical exercise not a SciFi character!) in Wollaton Park – check the twitter on the sidebar for info or the link.

Other Events including a Fathers Day lunch!

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Sherwood Forest Arts and Craft Centre | Newark and Sherwood District Council

Just a cool place to go see!

Sherwood Forest Arts and Craft Centre | Newark and Sherwood District Council

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