Remembrance Sunday 2017

Remembrance Sunday 2017

The new cafe commemorating the American Airmen billeted in the park is now open near the childrens playground.

Remembrance Sunday is the day the UK and the world show respect for all the Military personnel and also think about innocent Civilians who lost their lives in two World Wars, and the UK also remembers lives lost in wars before and since.

There are many posts on Twitter and Facebook from all around the UK.

The memorial in the park is specifically to the American allies who were stationed here many went to fight and did not return.


Below is a copy of the 2015 blog Post.

Thinking and hoping for Peace Worldwide …

Our special link to the Second World War … not forgetting our own of course …

Check the 508th page too – full list of pages on the sidebar  … this info is from the page …

“In 2014 it was the 70th Anniversary of Operation Market Garden and the Battle of the Bulge from WWII.

During WWII, Wollaton Park was ‘home’ to part of the Airborne forces of the US Army, ie, those borne, or transported by air, who were stationed in Nottingham.

Permission has been sought and granted to include the online stories from the AMC museum in the USA that include references to Wollaton Park, or to the missions the Allied Forces bravely undertook during that time.

and their own website at

There is a small memorial with information just near the Courtyard in the park and there’s an American War Cemetary near Cambridge.”

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Autumn 2017

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Deer Rutting Season

Please read the warning on the Wollaton Hall Facebook.


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Goose Fair: 4 – 8 October 2017

The lovely misty Autumn brings frosty nights so it’s GOOSEH FAIR WEATHER!




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A few years ago – but it’s always Goose Fair weather!

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Ikano Bank Robin Hood Marathon & Half Marathon | Travel Information…& Safe pse munch enough proper protein

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night of the guitars

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Nottingham Caribbean Carnival 20th August 2017


The Nottingham Carnival






Sunday 20th Victoria Embankment


They say Carnivals are Artistry,  Creativity, Revelry and Giving Thanks (the last may depend on a Religious Statue to process!)


In deference to the superstitious world the following applies and has no connction to the 2017 Carnival unless theres a Sun,  Earth Moon theme!

If you are superstitious and worried about the Eclipse in America 

a) we cant see it from the UK

b) people invent things to match the perceived Astrology… which is wrong 


 c) Astronomy is not Astrology.

 .Any possible meaning (if there was such a thing),  will have been the election of their new President.

There is a superstition Astrology clarity blog associated with Wollypark and the GCSE History theme of Medicine through the ages,  a link will be on the sidebar in the next weeek.

Carnivals also have an interesting place in history and the present.

Pics when permission has been ok’d!

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Harvest Time

It doesn’t seem a whole year since these long slow sunshiny days (with long shadows and watercolour landscapes) were here back in 2016! In the middle of winter however the year always feels like two years… if we were old fashioned county set we’d be worrying about getting enough of a wood pile cut and stored before the wet and misty Autumn turns up (with the stormy seascapes and still life paintings) as well as harvesting crops and fruit (and the hops)!

Have you seen the awesome ceiling staircase paintings in the Hall as well as the Dinosaurs of China (@Chinasaurs17). Maybe thats an outing for a rainy day.

Locally and all around the UK folk are busy harvesting.

It’s Bank Holiday next weekend,  so its bound to rain.



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Minimising health risks in the garden/RHS Gardening & outdoor places (especially kids!)

Worth a read at this time of year.


Minimising Garden Health Risks:




Ensure tetanus jabs are up to date. Otherwise, see your local GP for a tetanus vaccination if you have cut yourself on a plant or got soil or manure in an open wound.

If working with or being around anywhere where there is anything rusty is especially prone to tetanus,  and its simple to check booster vaccinations for both the UK and abroad,  beaches,  boats, farmland, visitor attractions,  water both open and leaky pipes etc etc 

just check kk.

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GCRN – Great Central Railway, Nottingham – GCRN

Another  Transport heritage display.

see the twitter on the sidebar,  @nct_buses have a travel offer

This Sunday is the Stewart Classic Vehicle Register – Summer Gathering. Featuring a “not to be missed” display of fantastic heritage road vehicles from bygone times.

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