A Rainbow Pandemic Mnemonic

Or how to remember things more easily..

The image is a freebie…download it, copy it, share it, print it, use it on stuff like mugs and calendars…put it in windows….we dont want to forget till there’s a vaccine !! Put it on noticeboards, in shop and home windows, in cars (as long as the driver can see) buses, trains, trams…

Add it to websites, blogs, business cards…just cascade it everywhere please.

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Memories of Splendour Festie’s

The park would just be getting over Splendour Festie, and looking forward to the Summer Nights open air films….

Permission for photies granted in the year taken

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More Facebook links…the Hall with Rainbow Lighting


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Traditional Funfair

Pics later..

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Park visitor praise!


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Out of ‘lockdown’ Mantra..

Don’t become complacent….think

Theres still a deadly virus out there…

Not too many cobweb-like social connections kk

Sacrificing people for freedoms isn’t a brill idea…

A vaccine will be made…keep it together till its manufactured and rolled out kk


Social Distancing

Track and Trace info providing

Wash Hands

Wash Shopping

Take Litter home if out

Park sensibly

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Virtual Splendour…Splendour At Home

@splendourfest: Introducing Splendour At Home, a one-off digital festival raising money for @Framework_HA on 18th July. With exclusive music and comedy performances, workshops and lots more soon to be announced, follow the event here: https://bit.ly/38xO9SL

https://twitter.com/splendourfest/status/1280169640312934400/photo/1 Shared via TweetCaster

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The Hall…blue for the NHS 72nd Anniversary…Red for the Arts… Daylight too…

05 July 2020


Who started the NHS…


Supporting ‘The Arts’ 06 July


Taken a few years ago with a rainbow!

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A Sad post on the Friends of Wollaton Park Facebook

In fact not very friendly…



Thats really not acceptable. Its a truly dreadful sentiment and against the reason the council bought the park in 1924, for the people of nottingham.
The park is not an anti social place and does not need guards or policing, in 64 years of visiting (starting with grandparents) from my family home on a road alongside the park I have not seen or heard of any truly anti social behaviour.
(The worst was when parking charges were introduced).
If you are aware of all the events, outdoor films, weekend events and the music festie you know there has been very little really anti social behaviour…just a few folks driving stupidly round the car park is prob the worst…its good for the park to be open late in summer evenings particularly for families with working parents.
The biggest complaints of local residents have been (and still are); that some properties have gardens that folk chuck rubbish into and occassionally can use the park to access without permission but that would not be solved by ‘guards’ and the next gripe is traffic, noise and influx of people not normally in the area at big events. Thats the offsett for having a super space close to home.
Lets hope there is a vaccine soon so ordinary life can return.

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Happy Solstice & Fathers Day, Grandfathers Day…

& Mum-Dad Day for the single-mum-parent families without any help …or just mums side ….24/7/365 is such tough going…

The Gardens 2017

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