Quiet, Hope, Peace

22 May 2017

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30th April 17   The Big Day Out in Nottinghamshire 

BBC Radio Nottingham’s Big Day Out 2017 – 

Big Day Out in Nottinghamshire – (Experience Nottinghamshire link)

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Waiting for leaves on all the trees, and new Antlers growing!

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St George’s Day Parade


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Fair on Bramcote Park 14-22nd

​Small Fair,  just right for small people!

Open 1.30pm daily.

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The Wollaton Churches Easter Cross

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Happy Easter 2017

Happy Easter 2017

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Footpath Gates

Walking? Please use the Footpath Gates avoid the cars and potential twiisted ankles.

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Planet Park, Park Galaxy : Safe

Experimenting with app made galleries!

Check the new Colouring craze,  App Art page!

No Harkenons (Dune series kk)

Ah the Rave days!


Hitchhiker days

Maybe a Ford Prefect?


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Stargazing events

Download the app (it eats battery time and data!) Move the phone around with the app running to see the Stars!

Thats no invitation to anything dodgy,  its about Astronomy kk 

There’s a link with a disclaimer about events at the beeb and one or two local Astronomy groups,  links on the Star page (soon if they arent there already!)


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