Annual Wollaton Park carpark tickets (courtyard shop)

Make super Christmas Presents!

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Tweets on Twitter lists

Useful twitter lists,  hope its a Sunshiny weekend,  wrap up warm,  visit the park, grab a coffee at the caravan while the kids let off steam in the playpark or visit the super coffee bar-cafe in the Courtyard.

Checkout some twitter info:

Travelling over the weekend  – the travel twitter list is useful.

Sport tweeters:

Days out (check the blog page links too)

Photography, Interests, Art lists/photog-interest-arts/

Coffee Cup,  Literary lists/coffee-cup-literary/

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Christmas Markets – Experience Nottinghamshire|utmccn=(organic)|utmcmd=organic|utmctr=(not%20provided)&__utmv=-&__utmk=150517174

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2016 Mo Running event locations 

2016 MoRunning Event Wollaton Park this morning, check their twitter for pics!

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summer planning? South West Coast Path

Maybe a few blogposts about around the UK throughout the winter!

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Spooky Twilight



It was beautiful and sunshiny this afternoon with all the amazing orange, yellow and gold colours, dappled tree shadows and falling leaves wafting around with the deer in the distance, just emerging as a herd out of the beginning of the mist and all as the Sun was setting; a few antlers moving in between the trees. Very Medieval and Robin Hood! You could almost imagine the outlaws hiding ready to hunt for supper.

Thats until you realise theres the sound of traffic in the distance!

These spooky twilight photos however are just right for Halloween.

Mind the fog if travelling, the roads by the River Trent are the worst and out towards Leicester and Newark at this time of year.

The pics arent the most amazing, the camera is 8pixel android and the app frame is from the super amazing photo editor app, but thats ordinary for you. For amazing around the UK photos check the Facebook link with three awesome groups, Scotland by the Roadside. Ireland by the Roadside and Beautiful Britain and not forgetting the Peak District photos.

More sunshiny pics later!

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New photo app!

Bimostitch app looks really cool, up to 200 photos stitched together (they would take ages to process!) 3 or 4 is quicker, pics have to be taken like a panorama; but look, its so cool.

Autumn Gold


Pretty good for mobile phone pics!

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Nottingham Industrial Museum Spooktacular

Nottingham Castle has a Pageant while Wollaton Park just has “an ordinary Sunday” today …or is it ordinary??


The Nottingham Industrial Museum

Check the Facebook for Info, cash needed for entrance, and the Spooktacular – its important to see the Facebook Page writeup info!


Please check their info for any possible alterations on the day.

Lots super exhibits, open every weekend, check the website link and see images on this Google search – Go see them in 3D real reality!!

The info is taken from the new Facebook and a message has been sent to check the pics are ok etc

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Pics Hall and Garden



The Hall, and a quiet part of the Formal Gardens

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Wollaton Hall blog

There are two uesful information pages on the Hall on this blog before you check the official one – there’s both an Architecture information page (on this blog), with links that provide details about the Architecture of Wollaton Hall, and also on here, a page about the Paintings inside Wollaton Hall. To find both on the menu, see the a-z of pages, or the list on the sidebar, just flick a finger and scroll!

Wollaton Hall is an now an amazing Natural History Museum (following the interests of one of its Noble owners), and in both the shops, one in the Hall and one in the Courtyard there are books with: Info on the Hall through the Ages (Built 1580-1588), some information on the family who built and owned the Hall and Estate, and an inventory and detailed floor plan and Architecture survey. The University of Nottingham holds the archive of papers relating to the history of the Estate.

The displays you can see in Wollaton Hall itself now include a Childrens Wild Animal Jungle (with stuffed animals and sounds), period rooms to show how the Hall looked as the home of the Dukes Middleton (The Hall and Estate were sold to the Nottingham City Council in 1924 after one heir died at the battle of Jutland and one in India in the Army. The Middleton family have another, larger Estate), there are stuffed Wildlife displays and even a super Geology display; but the Architecture and huge paintings on the Grand Staircase are definitely the most stunning features.

Of course it was the location of a famous film, but there’s another Stately Home, still occupied by an important family – a copy of Wollaton Hall thats been linked to the film too, so its practical to be a tad careful about claims of which Hall was actually filmed. Suffice to say its the Hall in one of the Batman movies.

Quite topical at Halloween, masked balls etc etc. See the twitter on the sidebar for an explanation of Halloween (its the earliest tweet Sat 30th).

Our Park is just lovely and mega thanks to the folks who look after it, the gardens and the Hall and also the Friends Group (theres a and Cafe and Industrial Museum folk. Lots of Residents around the Park and some who have moved away really love the Park.

The Park

Gate opening times Monday to Friday 8am 
Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays 9am 

Gate closing times – (please see the link, times change around the year and they can alter).

The website says the Park closes from 31 Oct (BST ends) at 5pm for a week and then after that 4.30 pm until Spring (quite sad but it does get dark early!)

The their table hasnt copied to the mobile blog in two columns – its probably ok on a pc or tablet, but theres two sets of info on mobile devices …simplest is to check on the gate!

The Formal Gardens and the Cafe close earlier.

The Industrial Museum in the Courtyard is also worth a visit, it is open most weekends (not in the week) and should have the Beam Engine ‘in steam’ this weekend with a Halloween theme … (it is usually ‘in-steam’ the last weekend in the month). There is a small entrance fee and its cash only.


The times listed on the website are for the main entrance and exit gates on Wollaton Road.

One google search link doesnt work now so if you have it bookmarked it may need updating! Alternatively use this blog ie blog with all your local places to visit – bookmark this search link!!

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