Cool and Rainy days this week

So ‘they’ say, it always happens when the School holidays start!

Creativity is always an option, blogs and photies … and there’s info on the twitter plus on the pages for places to visit! 


A trainee festie momento is also on the twitter, just scroll lots!

Hope your ears survived! 

Back to ordinary landscape park pics now, & maybe some page updates!



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Splendour – A ‘Trainee Festival’

As the mega Festivals across Europe are traditionally several days and need resilience for all weathers, traffic conditions and have their own set of behaviour’s and tolerances, such as transport hassles, mud, no amenities (although that apparently is improving)!!

check the reblog from a rainy Fesival in 2007 in the earlier post! Thanks to ‘Bloggersover40’ Reblogs are from another person’s blog, like sharing.

maybe Splendour Festival is a Trainee Festival site kk!

When your first Festie was sometime in the 80s and you’ve been site crew (although really running with the Greenfield people), and that first festie included the ‘Travellers Field’ in the wild and wolly days (pun intended and details spared) then the sophistication of a small happy family festival can be truly appreciated whether you attend or not!  Tramping across Europe for those more hectic celebrations is always an option and where better to find out some of the essential details, such as label you kids with the field you are staying in etc etc take earplugs …  Taking kid’s to Fesitie’s is a cool idea (ha!) in good weather and often there are super kids fields – but they can be so huge and unrelenting for days: a proper shower, just running water is truly appreciated when you are snug and home.  A visit to the beach ‘proper’ is also a good idea your the way home!

Splendour of course doesn’t have those problems as it’s a one day event and most people are local!!  Skeg is the nearest beach proper to Nottingham by the way, just voted the 3rd most popular resort in the UK but there is a fake beach now in the market square.

We had Download Festie earlier this year, right on our doorstep as always and that’s a completely different scene, this year there were three headline acts … that’s some hectic  planning, imagine three different fan sets, just don’t know how they managed it. So sad about Lemmy but that’s another story.

(and a big soz to the kids who havn’t been able to visit their favourite playground today)!!

The kid in the pic is not a burglar but a girl ‘where’s wally!’ for fun.

trainee festie laughs


splendour trainee festie2

splendour trainee festie3


the pics are via Bing and in the Public Domain, the collage is made with Serif Craft Artist Platinum.

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A Re-blog from 2007! Festival experience

Your Glastonbury Stage Of Choice Is The Acoustic Tent

You Know You're Over 40 When...

glastonbury-pyramid-stageNot the Acoustic Tent

I have been to the Glastonbury Festival three times: in 2002, 2003 and 2004. I had to double check that those were the dates (thanks, Wikipedia, for your memory-jogging lists of stage line-ups) because, not unlike the Sixties, if you remember Glastonbury, you probably weren’t there.

Not that I was high on drugs, you understand. It was, I imagine, the beer and wine – consumed in large quantities from paper cups – which destroyed those key brain cells. And at the time, it seemed worth it.

Because there’s no place – or rather, experience – quite like the Glastonbury Festival. The combination of non-stop live music, good friends, green fields, and overly priced food and alcohol makes it a delight.

When I popped my Glastonbury cherry in 2002, it wasn’t just some cheap two-night stand – it was love. I spent a blissful, sunny weekend with…

View original post 1,141 more words

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Next Fun Festie 5-7 August:- Nottingham Riverside Festival 2016

Thanks Experience Nottinghamshire for the link


Check the Twitter on the sidebar for Splendour Public Transport info and also other exciting events!

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TODAY 23 July: Splendour Festival 2016


Cash might be best as there’s alot of people!

Have lots of Fun, laugh lots!!

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All set to Party!

Scroll down for the lineup and sitemap, local area teenymap on the blog sidebar!

Have Fun!




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Splendour Festival Wollaton Park 2016

Since 1888 there have been Festivals in Wollaton Park. The University of Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University, the Graces Guide website and the Nottingham Evening Post have all kinds of records of Nottingham events ranging from Royal Agricultural Shows in Wollaton Park 1888, 1915 and 1928 to Festivals on the Embankment with The Barnum and Bailey Circus and Jazz and Rock Festies in the 1960s at the Football Ground(s?). All designed for some Summer Fun and excitement!

In the 70s Wollaton Park hosted the Nottingham Festivals with Jousting Balloon Rides and Military exhibitions, and in the 90s we had the Heineken Music Festies which were huge fun! So rain or shine everyone is ready to party!

2016 again has the Splendour Music Festie loved by Nottingham folk and its a super lineup, everything is ready (looks that way) all thats needed now is a long sunshiny summer’s day and not a deluge like the Madness and Pogues year! The forecast is Sunshine with maybe a shower in the afternoon:- fingers crossed!

Here’s a google link with pics from the past!

just wish the link would fit to the blogpost size

That’s 128 years of Wollaton Park Events!! Amazing!

and tonight (Friday evening) it all looks ready for a Super day!


This blog is all made on an Android Smart-Phone: photos, edits, posts, uploads:- the whole blog (except the menu’s and widgets for the sidebar)

Check the link for pics from a hundred years ago when photography was the newest thing! Everone still loves their photo’s now on Instagram, Snapchat etc a century later!

2016:- Thanks Photo Editor & PhotoGrid apps

The Professionals have the Festie Day info, the blog posts will be back with the empty days after!! Sigh!

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Splendour 2016 Wollaton Park

Thanks to Splendour 2016 for the posters, lets hope its a really super sunshiny day, (not like the Madness/Pogues Festie which was just a cloudburst!!)




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Nottingham Splendour Festival 2016 Saturday 23rd

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TweetValue Just for Fun!

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