Seasons & Nature

As well as lots of Wildlife and Birds in the Park, there are displays in the Hall that you can view when it’s open.  These displays are of course not living animals fish and birds and insects.

It is a Natural History Museum.


More Links further down the page!  Check the Awesome Professional Photographer Rob Cross who has kindly allowed a link …

<img style=”display:block;margin-right:auto;margin-left:auto;” alt=”image” src=”


An inspiring Autumn pic from Newstead…






The Park is awsome through the seasons…

Find all these lovely things… …checkout the website links too…

There are Formal Gardens and an Orangery (Camelia House)

A Sensory Garden… thats really quite oldly worldly

A Cedar Tree Plantation thats really awsome

Lots of parkland, lots of trees

Wild Flowers… a few

Tons of trees

Deer – Red Deer and Fallow Deer

Ducks, pondlife…newts, frogs,




Checkout the hall or the shop in the courtyard for info.

Its breathing space… green space… until the snow arrives  then theres

Sledging…. snowballing…


and in July 2014 a wonderful wildlife photographer Rob Cross has agreed to allow a link on the blog to his website with the most beautiful picture of Birds and Wildlife

Many Thanks – they put my android phone photos almost to shame – note the contract to this awesome professional photographer!!



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