UK Authors

Intesting info on classical UK authors, just a few snippets

and theres a google link to all kinds of literary maps of the UK…≷=GB&source=android-browser&q=author+map+of+britain&spell=1&sa=X&ei=8ZiXUa-HNYjL4ATT44DQBA&ved=0CCsQBSgA&biw=320&bih=544

Useful for rainy day holiday weeks and weekends in the UK

UK authors  (this info and the links will slowly evolve on the blog on rainy days…)

Geoffrey Chaucer…a relative by marriage of Katherine Swynford, John of Gaunt’s mistress then wife and Henry VII’s mother… Katherine who was a De Roet before Swynford. Chaucer also married a De Roet.
He lived in the 1300s not long after Danelaw

A wiki list…lots authors

British Literature wiki – lots of info

don’t forget wiki info can need verification

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