z look around – Wollaton park & E Mids links!

To be honest, the adventure has been finding the apps and editing pics and making the blog, so it’s an internet android adventure.

With the evolution of Social Media there are lots of interconnected websites and Facebooks and Twitters promoting all kinds of activities and places.

Our Facebook and Twitter link is in the blog sidebar Wollaton_nottm has regular updates rolling in.


Obviously computer games, or geo caching would be more accurately described as an internet adventure but, if you literally take a day out and visit the places described on the pages, and maybe read some of the info, and then search for even more info using clues like the author links and industry and art places links, who knows what you might find and discover. In this way the blog provides the opportunity for an ongoing adventure.

There’s also more blogger info e.g. lots of links to other blogs with different templates – a looksee at how wordpress themes go, info from lots of places.

There’s Twitter links on all the blogs for different aspects of the local world and info we need eg “environment”, “over 50- Q50nottm”, “just places to go – wollaton_nottm” so thats a social media adventure – there are facebook links further down the sidebar too.

Its a real smorgasbord (where’s that strange o character) and is here for you to wander around for a while

If you are starting out – its going to be confusing but essentially this author has made lots of blogs and twitters, and a pearltrees, a pinterest (with lots of boards) and a stumble upon site. In short a real Social Media hobbyist and blog enthusiast trying to link to practical real life connections.

Photography sites that show the UK and are awsome are ‘liked’ and shared on the Facebook link.

None of it is particularly professional – its nice to be ordinary and hope viewers will say to themselves “I can do better than that” and go off and do just that.

What is awesome is – its all 95% made with an android smartphone, the photos, the edited pics, the digital artwork, the blogs, the twitters, the pinterest and stumble upon

only the pearltrees is made on the pc….but that’s cool as its easy to get to lots of information – and whats more the French telecom don’t allow interference from media in your home that can, really can, read ascii code. (that’s the signal your keyboard sends out as a key is pressed) so pearltrees computer code doesn’t translate to spoken english and doesn’t float back out of the radio or tv as you search (its the wifi connection zooming round the house that picks the ascii code up).

Whats more the aim is the kids and older folk can get online and just have a go. If you have lost the will to live with all the pages and flitting around – heres the pearltrees – and if you want to come back find the wollypark blog pearl and click it!

pearltrees 1906


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