Our Local Physical and Economic and Political Geography is quite  interesting, if you are enthusiastic in the land you walk on, the rivers and contours and the economic geog…(if you are studying GCSE Geography at school…then we don’t have any extreme environments, but we do have a River Baisin info, you perhaps learnt to y9).

There are lots of links to find and add…but as it’s the day the clocks go forward an hour (25 March 2012), lets start with a weblink about time zones…whether the map has been updated for the recent change of one of, or all of the Samoan Islands, is not mentioned.

Firstly the links every resident can access for info, political and ecconomic at a local scale.

There are a couple of Nottm links found via the City Council with conservation areas and other general info…the insight map however doesn’t work well on smartphones.

Population and Economy

2002 info Nottm City

A wiki link on the County, including basic physical geography.

Did you know that minute (small) increases between GPS stations, eg 2cm can perhaps signify Earth changes (but not all of them…its complicated science being investigated) and so allow evacuations in volcanic areas…it’s all being studied …

There aren’t volcano’s in the UK…but Geology tells us that there used to be, Caldy Island off the Pembrokeshire coast, Scotland and other places with igneous rock, not sedimentary are the signs.

Volcano pics…Wollypark has a Geology page too.

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