Ancient History




There are lots ancient history places you can visit, only a few have visitor centres, Cresswell Crags in Notts even has Sabre Tooth Tiger info

Nearby in Cambridgeshire (few miles south east) there’s FlagFen an important Bronze Age Archaeological site, and theres Sutton Hoo.

Checkout all these ancient sites on the Megalithic Portal, make your own webpage, visit places when you want to walk back into the mists of time…Stonehenge, Avebury, Pentre Ifan…they are all on the website…

In the news today…the aswome finds at FlagFen, well nearby at Must Farm, Bradley Fen it’s not quite clear in the article i read exactly what finds are at which site….lots Bronze Age Finds mostly in a dig created by a big company quarrying (see the broadsheet newspapers Sunday 04 Dec)

The company link is here, (no screenpic until they ok my email). To check it goes to the right place, it’s Hansen (Heilelburg) and their sustainability page…

This isn’t some direction for anything local, it’s really a big co. who have uncovered amazing ancient history archaeolgy and a link to read up on it, I am sure some uni has reasearchers and archaeologists there and we will have more info on the news too…whether it will arrive in the national news is not sure…maybe an rss link would help.

rss is really simple syndication and wafts info into your google reader, after you have input the url (link, webaddress) for the rss into the ‘read’ option, you can also add them to apps feedly, taptu, pulse

As i don’t want lots info on cement this probably wouldn’t be the best site to find an rss….

and Summer2012, the Olympics (Ancient Greece) and thunderstorms made me think of Myths and Legends, Zeus and Thor…so a link about Myths and Legends…

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