Super Natural History Stuff in the Hall lovely for small kids brilliant if you like Geology and specimens of Wildlife.

Industrial Museum with a working Beam Engine; entrance from the courtyard, last weekend in the month and a new website at

Steaming info on this link…

sadly the Steaming Sundays are on hold at the moment, check the Industrial Museum facebook …

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Lovely awsome geology collection in the Hall, I miss the huge specemin tables for butterfly's and insects and the view over the garden, maybe it's the room where the animal display is now that the kiddywinks love.

The inside of the Hall looks so much smaller and the exhibits aren't spread about in the huge natural light rooms that I remember with views over the gardens, and trying to give an essence of a family home that was only occupied about six weeks of the year is difficult…the concept of a hunting park is sort of there, but the Natural History exhibits are really quite stunning, the interests of some of the Willoughby's must have made them quite modern up to date people of their day…check those hunting trophy's!!

When I was a child looking round the Hall and sheltering from the rain I loved the place and could tell you where everything was, but not the names of things…and there were hundreds and thousands of latin named insects, butterfly's, moths, all stuck in the huge cases with glass tops and more drawers to pull out underneath….because my eyesight wasnt good and I didn't have glasses till I was 11, I could spend literally hours peering through the glass tops spellbound, and when really little even climbed on the displays for a good look!

This last week some fourty years later I got some bifocals for the first time…please check kids eyesight, for reading as well as distance, I needed those bifocals for reading and writing all my life!! Now for the first time I can see the display that are left and read the labels (office varifocals are awsome too). Have some of the exhibits gone because of the glass health and safety question, i expect so…ditto science experiments in schools.

As a kid I was told the name of the Gorilla was Darwin, I can't find him in the Hall now, he was huge in a six foot glass cabinet…I can see the orang-utan…where's Darwin gone??


As well as the Natural History museum and the Industrial Museum in Wollaton Park, Nottingham Castle has a super museum

Dont forget the Industrial Museum in Wolly Park is open weekends with the beam engine steaming the last weekend of each month…it’s worth a visit…



In Wolly Park the Hall houses the Natural History museum and the Hall itself has awsome architecture and design plus wonderful artwork

The Industrial Museum found in the stables block courtyard is open once a month for the Amazing Beam Engine …and it really, really is, totally awsome…gleaming, powerful.. just mega….shouldnt be missed

Nottingham Castle in the City Centre has a museum, and so has the Brewhouse Yark at the base of the Castle Rock.

Other Museums info

London Natural History

Nature link

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