New link 07 Nov 2016
25 years from the closure of Gedling Colliery (Wollaton pit closed in 1964)
The Nottinghamshire Coalfield

Geology …

The formation of this earth, and the land we walk on is truly a tremendous tale, this page is to provide a few links that have information in an easily understood form, and to link with the rock samples and crystals in the Natural History museum in the Hall plus a few of the days out links.

Starting with a day out in Derbyshire in Blue John mineral country

Experience Nottinghamshire doesnt seem to have an equivalent Geology info page or pages in easily understood english, it could be because we have the British Geological Survey office in Nottingham with their super Geology for everyone webpages. Click the link and the website pages you need will be at your fingertips, we are off to their ‘for everyone pages’, (they are a very respectable scientific organisation with links for geologists and scientists too) the page you arrive at should look like this…careful if you are using a smartphone, this partucular link is ok if you dont wish to make a map: for map making you need a pc with flash…

Natural England have a geology by county set of pages, they are subject specific meaning they are written in ‘geology-speak’

Plainspeak, courtesy of the NottsHistory Society, with a basic physicam geology map if you check the index.

There is an East Midlands Geology Society, permission is being requested to add their link here; as it’s a membership society, i think it’s internet etiquette and polite to ask if i can include their link…they do show up on an internet search though.

More info on the Local Area page

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