Find Stuff

sad i didnt keep the ‘find stuff’ pics going…my sd card crashed once and i lost pics from in the Hall, thought about a treasure trail, but have to get an ok for it…meanwhile along with nature spotting and alphabet hunts…there are some geocaches…the National Trust have a good explanation link…be careful of the international site, its terms are quite tough…and there are apps if you have a friend with a smartphone.

Nature Project possibilities

Other possibilities…


At Middleton School, our teachers used to take us in the park sometimes. I can remember finding stuff and always, always had to write about festival and holiday stuff; learning joined up writing and reading was quite tough. Now its cold and wintery little kids might like some of the games on the British Learning council site.


Nature Detectives


The woodland webpage ideas of things to do in Woodlands (and parks??)



    • A    Alligator (crocodile)                                                                                        N   Neck  (on what?)
    • B    Buzzy Bee                                                                                                          O    Owl
    • C    Cat      Crab                                                                                                        P    Pidgeon
    • D    Dog     Duck                                                                                                      Q    queue of people…
    • E    Eagle                                                                                                                   R   Rabbit
    • F    Fish                                                                                                                      S    Squirrel   Swan
    • G   (find something beginning with G not  ground or grass                                      Spider
    • H  Hall, Hat, Heraldry (see first ‘find it’ post)
    •  I  Insect                                                                                                                    T    Toad   Toadstool
    •  J  someone in a jumper                                                                                        U    Umbrella    Unicorn (??)
    •  K  Kite                                                                                                                       V     Vole,  Viper,
    •   L  Leopard                                                                                                              W    Water…
    •   M Mouse
    •                                                                                                                                    X    Xperia Arc Mobile
    •                                                                                                                                    Y    Yummy   Cookies
    •                                                                                                                                    Z    Zebra

    I am hoping the layout of two columns makes it to my blog i used ordered list and preview but thats not to say it will definitely look ok…

    This post has had to be made on the computer (and not on my android phone… the whole blog was to be made on the phone).

    The picture has been created from a picture of the lake a stripy background and some clip art  just for this blog …

    Now see if you can take a picture or lots pictures and add the animals and wildlife from the park or the Natural History Museum in the Hall and the Industrial Museum in the Courtyard…..  add numbers or letters and test it on your friends…

    Play the game “I went to the Park and saw”… (the first person starts with A. the next has to remember what the A word was and add a B word of their own… the next person remembers A and B and adds a word beginning with C…. and you keep going, remembering all the way to Z)

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