There are quite a few Shopping Centres/malls in reasonable travelling distance from Nottingham, after you have exhausted the possibilities of the Victoria Centre and Broad Marsh,

some have cinema’s in the Mall or nearby just like Nottm has the Corner House the Eagle Centre Derby has a cinema in the centre and Meadowhall has a centertainment centre nearby, and the Four Seasons Centre at Mansfield has a leisure centre next door.  All of the Cities and Towns have central shopping areas and retail parks obviously and some of these are easy to get to and some not… so if you can’t get just exactly what you want in Nottingham, maybe it’s just waiting for you elsewhere… If anyone knows about the other Cities or towns cinemas etc. please comment

Nottingham Corner House

a few miles out of town with lots of parking (but not a park and ride…thats at Clifton Bridge)

The Playhouse, Arena and Royal Theatre links are on the menu on the right under the ‘Stumbleupon’ site.

Hopefully these links have Christmas and New Year shopping hours…dont forget if it’s a nice day you could find a local park too,  call on the way for some fresh air, or on the way home if your feet are up to it…

Derby and the Eagle Centre

Markeaton Park

Leicester and the High Cross Centre

Sheffield Meadowhall

County Towns

Mansfield Four Seasons Centre

Newark Buttermarket Centre

Lincoln City Waterside Shopping Centre

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