Firstly the Deer in the park – be sensible, dont get too close, treat them with respect and follow any instructions posted in the Park. They can run fast and jump fences and could cause injury so dont let children try to pat or stroke them.


information on this blog is not intended to cause any problems for anyone – quite the opposite, it’s intended that folk can just find events and places to visit in the E-W Midlands and S-Yorks that are possible to visit for a day out; and some other info about parks etc around the UK (Parks on the blog, around the UK list on the linked twitter) for when you are on holidays or weekends away.

Please still check the individual place website if info’s on a retweet (profile links), or ditto links on this blog’s pages for up to date timings etc.

No info about any part of sharing internet, social media or app’s info should be interpreted to cause any problem of any sort.

Links are 95% agreed by email. Occassionally homepage links are made without.

Pics and Photos and shared info is not included to cause any problem in the virtual or real world. There is no competitive rivalry as social media is building local ordinary folk and visitor tourism for everyone. (Adverts are different and not usually included on blogs, unlike google blogspot)

There is no reason for any negativity to be created from any post page pic or link. If events are not as expected, then its possible to contact the organisers.

The blog author wants folks to enjoy themselves responsibly and without any negativity.

If places tweet information about visitor opportunities it is assumed those tweeters or webpages are genuine and ethical. It is possible however that ‘free’ offers about costs for places to visit may not include free car-parking for example.

All places should have their own Health and Safety risk assessment – but H&S is also each individuals rssponsibility. Traveling places has ordinary risks we all accept in our ordinary lives. Please be mindful of other people especially at very busy events.

Keep aware – for example don’t try swimming where it’s not suitable for inexperienced folk (and please don’t think experienced when you perhaps are not) one difficult disclaimer is on the National Watersports Centre webpage, please read it.  Please dont try swimming in the park lake.

Do travel sensibly. Do not use the website or facebook or twitter while driving, be very very sensible and stop in a safe place while checking info, times directions etc.