Language Info

There are translations of the information about Wollaton Park on the Nottingham City website.


It’s not simple to translate a whole blog…so instead there are translations on the Nottingham City Council webpages of events and info…

Google can translate information, check your homepage.

For learning to pronounce english (kids and adults) there is some useful info on this link…only Android Browser on Androids (not Dolphin or x-scope etc) will allow you to use
the interactive sound chart

Learning to read is key to unlocking lots of information, it’s quite a difficult task for kids, and many of the internet sites are american (slightly different phonetics) or ask for subscriptions…this is a free site and they have agreed it is ok to take the screenshot and link…the reply to my email was instant!!

Freenote is an android app that lets you handwrite on your screen, the letters are then shrunk by the app so you can write sentances and notes…it also lets you text and paint, and has a calendar…you can find it on the android market.

So you can write in any language…

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