Obviously the author of this blog (and linked blogs by the same author, the twitters and facebook) is not responsible for any of the info being incorrect or correct. The links are purely for ideas of places to visit and things to see and enjoy.

It is the responsibility of the reader to ensure any event or information they choose to attend or use in any way is correct by verification with the information providers or event or destination organisers.

It is intended that the blog provides a source of ideas for families or individuals to be able to explore the local area and even the UK.

It’s neither a booking link nor a definitive guide but hopefully with the help of internet links it shows how the Nottm, Notts and East Midlands local area and other Counties and areas in the UK have a wide diversity of leisure activities, ( this blog is mostly about greenspace, parks, woods etc. to visit in the great outdoors) and other interesting places to visit.

It’s also a resource for students based on one UK examination boards idea (possibly outdated now) of starting to explore any subject from local knowledge e.g. travel and tourism, local area history and geography, industry etc. When a resource is used for any subject study the specification is your guide and local knowledge is just a starting point. Textbooks are the best source of acceptable specification theory information – see their resource list.

Enjoy exploring your area.

It’s also a really cool thing to do – make a blog with a smartphone – anyone can do it and it’s a brill way of collecting info and twitter can bring in lots of further info from lots of sources that can be shared via posts or links copied (email for permissions or just use txt links) see the Blog Making page.

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