Outdoor Swimming

Definitely NOT the Park Lake, the water could definitely make you ill and its cold, and even more of a Warning goes out about the River Trent. Hop a train to skeggy and bathe in the sea instead! Rutland Water say they have a beach with lifeguards and yet the water must be very deep and very cold. The National Watersports Centre is starting a triathlon club swimming but that too isn’t what most of us see as a summer dip and a few lengths.

Best nearby to stick to the indoor swimming pools.

Nottinghams only outdoor swimming pools are at private membership Leisure Centres. Visitors are often allowed with members. Most systems require a definite annual subscription even if there is a ‘try us’ initial period. There are several Private Leisure Centres and Public Council run ones but few with outdoor pools.

Sadly our lovely three Lido’s at Highfields Park, Carrington and Bulwell have all closed. Thats really upsetting for those of us who spent hours as kids in the Summer, and as Adults after work and at Weekends swimming and lazing on the poolside grass. Councils take note, Please make us a new Lido!

The Outdoor Swimming Pool info:-

Here is an Outdoor Swimming Pools Website link; some of the pools listed on this website link have closed, lido’s didn’t have heated water so thats probably why. Some of us don’t mind cold water though!


There are Outdoor Pools at a couple of the private leisure centres as said,  ones in Aspley and West Bridgford Nottingham.

Sadly we havn’t a campaign in Nottm or Notts for any community lido’s or outdoor public pools either.

There are wild water swimming sessions linked to Triathlon on the Notts County Website and wildswimming websites but be very wary of them, even if there appear to be organisers – cold water and currents are not for non professional swimmers who practise regularly. Do not believe all the info people upload about suitable places.

Obviously either pools or a safe beach with lifeguards are best.

These are the Nearest Outdoor Pools. They are a fair drive away but might be cool for a cheap weekend or day out. It’s not known how friendly they are to visitors who are from miles away, but if they have a campaign to keep open all swimmers will be welcome.

Check opening times and public swim timetables, maybe combine a day or weekend out with a nearby location outdoor pool! Perhaps a Youth Hostel stop over – Hotels and Cities and Towns of course have indoor pools that are heated.

There are Water Parks Attractions, Camp Sites and places like Centre Parks with outdoor swimming pools and places to stay with hot tubs. Experience Nottinghamshire website has a select options for accomodation search.

The River Dart Country Park is one super stopover – take a Caravan! Theres obviously lots of campsites with pools.

Local City Parks are on the UK page links.

52 miles

49 miles

70 miles

40 miles

Ashby de la Zouche
24 miles

88 miles

84 miles

Kennilworth, Warwickshire
58 miles

Public Leisure Centre Links – Google Search to capture Nottm City and Notts


crazy link length but it will catch updates!

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