Cheap summer stuff

Summer on a budget can be depressing, but it does’t have to be, there are lots of charities and organisations with ideas, working holidays etc. This page can evolve over the summer.

Lots of these organisations are green environment based…

Theres Notts Wildlife, the RSPB…see the nature pages for links.

Then there’s either working for, volunteering or staying at YHA places

And their website pages are cool



Do it for real summer camps

There’s a wide range of people in all big organisations and the big wide world, big city places and abroad need to be considered with care.

No idea what this organisation is like, but some people may recommend it, check with previous volunteers…ask for info..

And of course there are Festivals…don’t forget most have basic ameneties, and you need extra cash (and the ability to look after it) as everything bought there has an extra markup price…

Caravaning and Camping

Lots and lots of websites…check the County pages on the blog for tourist info.

Further afield, on the way to the south coast just off the end of the M5, an amazing park with a super offer..£25 for repeat visits over the summer…with the most awsome adult and kids adventure playground, camping used to be cheap but is now reflecting the super adventure space. Stay nearby? On the way to the south west coast and back? If it’s good weather its awsome greenspace.

They have varoius offers e.g. for long weekends etc.

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