City Parking, Traffic

August 2014 Traffic & Road Closures: Net Tram and A453 see the end of this page

Wollaton Park has car park charges, and it’s possible to buy an annual ticket from the shop in the courtyard and this seems to cover some events too.

See travel info below.

Nottingham City Car parking

The local transport bus info is on the Opening Times page

for updates on bus routes check their twitter and webpages. Wollaton_nottm follows their twitters –

check the website or Wollaton_nottm twitter ‘following’ list and find their own twitter link


AA Travel link – useful for the coming A453 roadworks

Met Office Weather link

A useful link…

Litre to UK gallons converter

Ordinance Survey Blog Link…lots mapping and satnav info.




WINTERS PAST! – check out how the winter weather alerts looked

Winter 2011-12
Feb 06 4am
Highways agency twitter link…several inches of snow in Nottm and Notts, some buses are on revised routes…check nct or trent

Feb 12
Most of Europe, apparently is experiencing really cold weather, maybe we’ll keep our ordinary winter but the meterological office link is here for the East Midlands and East of England

It’s strange to see the South of France with snow and ice…so there’s no hopping a plane to find a better winter climate in Europe at the moment…but it must be good for skiing…

As Christmas 2011 is over now, and we all have time to think again, just click the links for weather updates…

21 Dec

Using the weather link below, the general gist for the weekend is milder with strong sw winds…



If last year is anything to go by, this link might be helpful, especially if you are Christmas visiting…

If you are travelling early this week,  there is a weather warning at present for Scotland and Yorkshire, you can find the latest updates  from the home page

Just wish they had a better background, black is a bit naff..

Week from 04 December

There’s a yellow weather warning out for Scotland and Yorkshire: its not so much the weather but the fact that we forget what it’s like and how to drive in it…

the RAC have updates on traffic

and the AA have the same kind of info

August 2014 Tram and A453

The Local Nottingham City Transport System looks as if it could be under stress at the end of August and the beginning of September including the Motorway link to the Airport. (A half hour extra for the Airport could be optimistic but thats what the info says)

If you are planning to stay in the City it might be wise to pick carefully as it could be difficult to change sides of the river over one weekend – if the route into the City from Clifton Bridge via Dunkirk Island is closed it would be wise to check the details on the City Info Link. It might just be easier to not cross the river and find accommodation based on practicalities.

If you are working maybe a similar idea could be the stressless option.

Info links are below.

Short Info Link here and a twitter link at @netphasetwo

The month of August & early Sept City Council Info.

Transport Projects (maps on My Nottingham Facebook)

Lateral thinking …

Google search List of Nottingham-Notts Motorhome Hire Info:-


National Watersports Centre Campsite

Experience Nottinghamshire Info link:-

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