Top10 by Bus

City Transport Update 2015

Trent Barton (Nottinghamshire)

Both NCT Nottm and Trent Barton have group tickets and both have Twitter info.

Their Travel info twitter accounts are the Wollaton_nottm Twitter Travel list which also includes Trains, Highways and weather!

In 2010 Nottingham was judged one of the Greenest Cities.

This ‘‘Green Blog’

needs updating (but does have useful links and is on the sidebar and gives a flavour of how some issues on Greening the Environment went in 2010. Theres a balance between opportunitites for a new economy and extreme not so family focused concepts) – time permitting the blog will be updated soon but like the Nottm City Council issues Green planning can be delayed because of Economic budgets. Blogstyle or real world style.

Big UK issues and European issues such as Legislation also have an input – still hoping Tolls etc and too deep green or radical environment and budgets which are elitist can be avoided. Sustainable and practical where we turn everything into all citizen opportunities!

Cars just need to be hybrids – legislation for a greener car economy would be cool- like the switch from 4* to unleaded with subsidies?? Have new car factories making more hybrid tech vehicles boost the Economy? OK elec is a prob but lots Windfarms and Wavepower offshore might be a solution!

Mixing UK mainstream and local Gov ie Council issues doesn’t bring the power we need to evolve; each one needs representation.

Love the L? Electric across town buses!! Like the Tram, sad at the disruption for local businesses.


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