The ‘Establishment’

2013 info

The ‘latest’ (altered since 2011) Gov info website link

For the Local Government ie the Local City Council, see the whats on link.


The following info is relevant in 2013, but was blogged in 2012 with the Jubilee and Olympic year as well as the Tour of Britain racing through the park, and with the possible arrival of lots of associated tourist and visitors. Often we see people from around the world visiting Nottingham and Notts and our local park, and sometimes relatives of the USAF personnel and Italien Airforce who were based here return to visit.

So this short culture and info page written in 2012 gives a little information in case tourists or athletes visit our area of the UK and also for our International students:- Of course blog readers can live anywhere in the world.

This is information on our ‘accepted’ establishment but not necessarily the viewpoint of the residents of the UK or locals – who often don’t know about ‘other’ cultures. It’s just a short and opinion based page of info, please read it with a little humour

… 2012 …

Essentially:- because it’s Diamond Jubilee and the year of the London Olympics 2012 (and Euro2012)…maybe a brief resume or orientation of our UK, English establishment would be helpful to blog readers or visitors

Wollaton Park is in the East Midlands of the UK and we are proud of the citizens who have lived here for many years or who have moved here, and are especially proud of our school children and young adults.

Please note there are anti-establishment movements, uk and worldwide, but they aren’t the subject of this page (see wiki on raves, hippies, punks, the anti-capitalism movement etc, interestingly in the UK Socialism is accepted as a ‘mixed economy’ where there is both private and public sector. We have co-operatives as small business’ as well.

We have a ‘system’ which has taxation, where tax revenue and National Insurance monies are spent on health and social services, and this distribution of public monies is not seen as anti-establishment but normal and ‘the way the uk culture is’ and our politics and political parties – of all sides currently reflect this.

We have a constitutional monarchy (with a 2 house Parliament and democracy with universal franchise ) currently with a Queen, Queen Elizabeth II who is also head of the Church of England.

Dis-establishmentarianism, means taking away the role of the Monarch as the Head of the Church of England, whereas Anti-dis-establishmentarianism has the aim of keeping the Monarch as the Constitutional Head of the State and as the Head or Supreme Govenor of the Church of England.)

Each Country around the world, has its own Establishment and laws and in the USA for example each state also has its own legal system, the aims of these different ‘Establishments’ can change with the change of Government, or ruler… so please just be aware of different philosophies, governments, politics, and religions that all combine to create the individual culture of each place – in business studies terms we could explore P.E.S.T.L.E. and compare and contrast and discuss similarities and differences – when in our space please be tolerant

Please treat wiki info in the spirit it is intended, there could be errors, but it’s a useful resource.

The Queen and the Royal Family

In England
Parliament both houses,
The Prime Minister, The Cabinet.

The Church of England and tolerance.

Statute and other UK laws (Civil and Crimminal) and European Directives.

Local laws, court systems and our Police Force.

The British Armed Forces.

Individuals and families:-
We are expected to work for wages or a salary if we do not have independent means. There is a system of support if work isn’t available.

Education and a Health Service are free to all citizen-people, paid for by national taxes, national insurance and a Council Tax. Education is free to secondary and post 16 level, and higher education is supported. We are proud of this system. There are numerous universities around the UK and students can apply for loans entrance is usually based on examination passes but courses can be obtained by mature students with other criteria. There are many colleges with vocational and non vocational subjects.

Each council (city or county) has a free library service available to all, children included. The libraries, as part of the council can probably locate translation services.

We have a class system (The Peerage) so we have titles for some families and individuals; at the pinacle are the Royal Dukes and Duchesses all the way through Lords, Earls, Barons etc. People can be elevated to these titles in the Royal Honours list or inherit them. Lots of the UK children and subjects don’t really know about our class system.

The wiki info may have inaccuracies, there is a peerage website online, its not known if hackers can alter their online info

There is a ‘Who’s Who’ book in most libraries.

Parliament has two houses, the Commons and the Lords. The titled members of our land sit in the House of Lord’s the elected MP’s in the House of Commons. Titled Lords currently cannot inherit the right to sit in the house of Lords, this is a recent change. It is or was possible for the Prime Minister to create a significant number of Lords

As both subjects and citizens (natural and naturalised) individual people in the UK have ‘rights’ under UK European and International laws. Depending where you are in the system individual, organisation and family views can be coloured by views assumptions and perspectives so its mainly in School that we all learn the facts about our Country and the type of government and system we live in, usually in PSHE and Citizenship lessons.

Other countries (some – the Commonwealth ones have the same Royal family) have different Government styles and systems. 

Each person in England in the UK is entitled to their views and we tend to believe its our unalterable right to be able to hold debates on our system, not everyone or every family believes in Constitutional Monarchy for example and where there is freedom of speech, it’s ok to discuss it. We have freedom of speech in the UK.

EG…(possible exceptions!) Contrary to some viewpoints, it’s ok for Trade Unions to exist at this point in time legally in the UK, for example Buckingham Palace Staff can belong to a Trade Union, and its ok to join political parties and attend meetings and read whatever material we wish. We are allowed to demonstrate, This is all based on people being individually responsible. This may not be so in other countries.

Our laws are upheld by our council employed police force, who are mostly involved with investigating breaches of crimminal laws). We have an Ambulance Service and a Fire Service. Thankfully our police are only armed in extreme circumstances.

Trade Union membership… more info…It’s not so likely in the Military as obviously they are under orders but it’s not unknown for some trades eg mechanics to still have the right to membership even if they have signed up…after all parts for machines have to be made somewhere…

Our establishment religion is the Church of England with the Queen and the Archbishop of Canterbury at it’s head. It is Apostolic (to the knowlegde of the blog author), and the UK practices Tolerance for other religions, but not, at this point in time, freedom of religion.

Our Defence is in the capable hands of the British Armed Forces
A request has been sent to use their link
Meanwhile wiki will have to be sufficient

Politically there are three-four main parties

The Labour Party
The Conservative Party
The Liberal Democrats
The Green Party

There are National and local elections and all citizens over 18 have a vote.

There are elections to the European Parliament as well, by region.

Anyone can become a member of a political party and from there rise through that organisation and aspire to become a local councillor or MP.

We have a mixed economy.

Everyone is entitled to the money they have independently, as salaried or waged individuals or as persons in receipt of benefits, this includes women and we have laws both UK and European to support this. Policywise and legally, the concept of equality is supported and upheld.

We have various laws controlling the sale of goods and services.

We have to have a valid driving license, road tax and insurance to drive a vehicle, everyone over 18 who has passed their driving test, including women (in some cultures they aren’t but this is definitely ok in the UK). We drive on the left.

Local info

Wollaton Park and many other places expect to be able to charge for parking and fines are incurred if not…there are lots of basic simple laws and rules. Tresspass is a civil law for example once the park is closed in an evening, the public are not allowed in the grounds.

more info

We do not have a written constitution.

A ‘favourite game’ of some businesses at their senior level, and in politics, and sometimes within the community is to ‘raise’ and support individuals so they may hopefully receive honours or be invited to important events, or even to meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace or elsewhere for ceremony’s or visits.

We are also a member of the European Union…see the Europa Website. This link is to a policy research area of the European Union

This info is in a ‘nutshell’ sadly there isnt an interpretation facility and google translate just doesnt translate properly…

Two links for money info…Prices and Inflation

Government Office for National Statistics

The Bank of England

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