Making Blogs

It’s quite simple on a pc…and on an android (see the blog info page which is now a subsidiary page of the page you are on).

You need an email address, and the ability to read and go to the internet from incoming emails to set up

Once the blog name is set up you will need to go to your email inbox, click on the email from wordpress to open the email, and then click their activation link.

You can have as many blogs as you like.

You can also make blogs on google blogger…but their setup is different, how to will be on at blogspot, soon.


Find the login ie search wordpress login choose (not .org unless u enjoy faffing with code) click on the make a new blog link…or enter a blog name….if u can use that blog name it will say so. Enter any info asked for.  Remember the name and the password (and the email address you use)

A few things you need to know

You can make the blog private just for you, or while you design it…the option is on settings privacy (left hand menu nearly at the end of the list), if you want it to be public you don’t have to change anything…if you go private first and want to change to public, its settings, privacy, browser.

You can edit it all, at any time.

Other people can contribute you have to send an invite to their email address and they have to activate it…it’s in users but that’s more advanced…basics are…


On the left hand allows you to
Choose a theme
Change the header pic (if your chosen theme allows it)
Change the background (if the theme etc.)
Arrange the widgets to go on your sidebars (from their selection)

Allows you to decide things like changing email address
Adding social media buttons to blog posts

To setup your blog, choose a theme…you can preview it, important things to begin with are:

The number of columns

Whether you have a custom header (add your own pics to the header pic)

Custom background colour and/or pic (you cant have both but different themes have different options)

Custom colours (ability to change colours)

Check the details for the above info (custom etc.)
Preview the ones you are interested in
Activate it when you have chosen one

You can now go Appearance, custom header and browse your files and upload a pic for your header, crop it online and save it.  If you dont like the pic –

don’t delete it in the custom header space as you won’t be able to restore the ability to have your own pic on the header…go to the media

menu option and delete it there.  The pic resolution is quite important, and the crop area is only a few centimetres high…its the header after all.

You can go theme options and see what you can change

You can’t change the font unless you buy an extra.  You can sometimes change the font colour option in the theme options.


Then go widgets and click and drag the ones you want to the sidebar, space is made for the widget being added.

There are lots of widgets… Calendar, Posts, Pages, email sign up, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr

Each one click the down arrow to enter info.

If you choose links, you need to set the links up. The category of the link (set in the links, menu see below) determines which links are shown. The small menu on the link widget allows you to set which category of links will be shown on the widget space on your blog.

If you choose Flickr, you will need your Flickr web address…copy it from the browser top bar the same goes for Facebook and Twitter… these widgets show a small drop down column of your chosen site.

You can add your Gravatar… an avatar (pic of yourself from you pc or other pic) and choose the ‘censor’ level for your blog.

Save as you go.

Remember If you add links, you also have to enter those links…but that’s a separate task, and the small drop down menu on the widget that’s called links, allows you to choose which category of links are show on the blog space when you or readers view it.  These links won’t be in the right place if you don’t add the categories (see below) and choose which ones to show.


Here you can add web address hyperlinks

The link menu is on the left… add your chosen hyperlink (web address) and other info, don’t forget to choose a category… you can make categories on the add link option or on its own.

Careful you don’t tread on anyone’s toes or link inappropriately …some website (big co, films etc.) have copyright links even.

you can make all kinds of pages, the page option is on the left of the setup screen.
To update page info you have to edit them…you can’t post onto pages.

Pages are often ‘static’ that is they don’t change, however you can edit them…if you do so on a regular basis it might be helpful to let your readers know…with a Page Edit page, or if you let them know via a post, by a ‘page edit’ post category.

you can add posts…this is the front page and the only page you can add date ordered posts to.  They will appear in reverse date order, that is the latest first.  You can add pics by clicking the camera icon or web address by adding the http://www  address in the post, highlighting it and copying it, then clicking the chain icon and pasting the info…   the link should show blue in your post.

To add social media buttons that arrive below every post that you make,  you go to the settings menu social, drag the ones you want to the grey space and choose if you want icons only or text and icons and save.   This will set them up; they will then be on all posts.

Posts can come in various types, gallery  a slideshow of pics, images, standard and asides etc.

If you click html you will see the code.

Don’t forget to go Draft or Preview or Publish.

You can of course make your post in word or notepad (without the images) and copy and paste it into a post.  There’s also an ad shampoo programme online (if it still works with windows 7) that is a cheap word processing programme


Don’t forget there are two types of categories… links and posts and each one is set up from their specific menu option.

There are also tabs…but that’s another story.

The help file is ok, click the help button on your profile, go ‘get help’ and choose the menu option… once you have the basic concept help is quite informative, it’s just getting used to wordpress terminology that can be a little confusing.

Your blog is viewable on most of the input screens, or on the top black menu bar on the left it also has a drop down menu of the main functions.  ~To the far left is the ‘W’ icon which takes you to a drop down menu of wordpress info like blog reads.  Your profile is on the top right and if you have more than one blog you can switch between them there.


Often a theme only supports one menu choice…that doesn’t mean you can only have one menu, it means only one at once.  The page edit function allows you to choose the page number, the menu allows you to choose which pages to be on the header of the theme (normally) and you can select by clicking and dragging the pages you wish to be shown and rearrange them, its also possible to have subsidiary pages, just drag and click them slightly to the right…. new pages usually show up on the main menu unless you check the tick box otherwise.  Your menu when you first make it asks for a name… thats the one you set in the menu option field… dont forget to save.

The subsidiary pages need editing in the page menu where you select the parent page in a box on the right…it’s best to do this first before clicking and dragging the pages in the menu…


This option shows all the images that you have uploaded…if you want to change the header pic, you delete the pic you don’t want here.  There is also a hyperlink for the images in case you want to make custom social media or anything that needs the media link.

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