UK County Parks

This page is one page of a set of Enjoy the UK Info pages; with the intention of including all kinds of interesting places around the country to visit – check the other UK Pages for Cathedrals and Stately Homes etc.

The page is about the Counties of the UK and the greenspaces you can visit mostly for free.

A quite complicated Explanation-‘Clarification’ follows to describe the search process – once you understand the concept for searching the UK counties you can skip straight to the relevant County or Tourist link!

The Visit Britain Twitter is a obviously a good source of info for tourism proper and they also have a twitter, the Dily_Museums account has lots of twitter ‘following’ accounts and tweets if you like museums just check the profile.

It’s good to know UK City and County councils other than our own Nottingham/Notts Councils manage lovely Greenspaces; so we don’t think we are on our own and aren’t peculiar or special having lots of land and greenspace spare or that might be used for other purposes than keeping folk healthy – ie parks and leisure places for people to enjoy. We are just the same as all the UK counties. Greenspaces are the city and county breathing places for us all.

    There’s a list of UK County Council parks around the coast right at the end of the page

– these links are evolving and more are being added all the time.

To start, follow the links below to find a lists of Counties of the UK on wiki on the internet with informative information; all the County Councils have Parks like our own Wollaton Park and they are lovely for exploring if you have a weekend away or are on holiday, or even travel a little way just for a day out: Not only does Wikipedia have info on UK Counties but it also has info on the smaller Borough councils and often there are further bloglinks to blogs that ordinary people have written about their local area on the end of the borough info (some are up to date and some not). Wiki isnt always 100% accurate but the wiki authors try hard most of the time.

The City and County Council websites are also places to look for ideas, and their website too will give you links to their boroughs and their county spaces plus any events the councils are organising. They are accurate.

So far the parks info listed below by Wollypark include only links to the coastal county parks:- basically to help if you are on holiday by the seaside.

To help find your way around however, there are a couple of further touristy links other than the official Tourist Information sites (e.g. Nottinghamshires official tourism site is Experience Notts and Wollypark has made a ‘day out for people’ focused Nottinghamshire wordpress-blog too – its link is on the Wollypark sidebar, (plus Sherwood Forest has its own website and the River Trent is Trent Vale – links on

there’s plenty of other websites such as specific village info too, and if you have the name of the village you wish to visit just search it or find the page on the Nottinghamshire blog, for pubs Camera the real ale organisation has links by county for good pubs etc.

As well as all this – there are also lists of county tweeters with regular updates on the Wollaton_Nottm twitter or you can search similar twitters using the county name as a keyword too.

So to recap, that’s Wiki’s by County, then each city and county website official that clicks through to boroughs with events ie County shows, individual blogs and the one made for Nottinghamshire (as well as Wollypark) by the same author-blogger. Plus official tourist links. This page is evolving and has links at present to coastal and special counties.


    surprisingly difficult

to find these County Council park links on the internet for whatever reason hence this page (best of all and happily most parks or events – other than Car parking fees are free or just a small charge). The councils hide their info amongst lots of other details for local people such as schools and council matters.

The National Trust have estates, parks and buildings all around the UK.

Please have patience this blog-page will evolve slowly, there are 66 (or is it 68 now) Cities in the UK and 92 Counties …

Counties List

(demon is just another internet browser or something)

Pictures of England website has county info (sadly not all of the UK, just England) and they have super picture tours, sent in by individuals – you could upload yours – and info on all of the England Counties and a map.


For History and Geography lovers

There’s an interesting land discussion on this Open Uni website that briefly tells the land history of the UK.

We are so small in comparison with lots of countries in the world, and many of them have a totally different history and totally different modern social systems (or medieval systems to us, in some cases such as North Africa) and each Country has their own laws, so ownership of land concepts and legal status varies considerably. In the UK our policies and laws have evolved over hundreds of years.

The website is worth a read and it’s in a conversational style. Thanks to the OU (internet link only)

And Land Registry info on Manors etc (not the film kind ie Wayne Manor)


National Trust

and then there’s the UK’s National Trust with lots of Parks and buildings, and English Heritage too, so their contribution to lovely parks and their upkeep is worth a mention…on this blog the National Trust East Midlands tourism info is on the Notts, Derbys, Lincs, Leic pages.

If you are interested, there’s a wiki link about famous World Parks and the origin of the concept of public parks here:-


County Council links.

(Eventually there will just be a pearltrees link here with all the UK park info by County and City that can be found, but it’s going to take a while to make).

Other County Parks and Greenspaces around the UK Coast

The South Coast first, as UK holiday makers head mostly for the Coast, and it’s Summer 2013. The list goes round the South and up to Wales (would an alphabetic list help – see the wiki list)….then when we get to Scotland (still to be added but head for the Glens), back to Kent and up the East Coast and right round the Scottish coast…why? Because if you hop over the Channel, Kent is the first County (and you can go west or north along the east coast)

Then a few other holiday counties included from the UK interior that are particularly touristy and likely to have lovely spaces look for the valleys and dales and of course Stonehenge and old towns with universities for architecture. (Derbyshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire)…Eventually an alphabetic list will appear. Or more sensibly, sub-pages by region that will evolve eg South West, South East, East Midlands.

OK – a Round Britain Coast List of links (don’t forget you could check the telly programme Coast and Blighty tv for other ideas)


East Sussex

West Sussex

Inland to Surrey






Bristol City

Counties of Wales (shortly)

List of Counties in Wales


Lots more welsh ones to add

Then back to Kent up and around the East Coast





East Yorkshire

North Yorkshire

County Durham

Berwick Upon Tweed
(not sure its a County)



A-Z of Glens

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