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How have i made two blogspot blogs almost identical with some posts on one, and some on another?? Its because there were made using an app …the app (both Blogger and WordPress) are really good and you can post to multiple accounts, but you can’t design the blog from the app. 

To choose the design for the blog means using the browser link… and then there are limitations as you can’t click and drag widgets to the sidebar on the smartphone… it is possible to choose a design but takes lots of data as all the templates are downloaded into the phone…it’s ok on wifi but eats data on mobile broadband.

Latest on the phone sd card space problem…i upgraded to a 16Gb card, silly not to have used one from the start really…it took a while to copy all the photo’s using an sd card adapter and i made sure i had an app backup app…and i didnt unmount the sd card…just changed them…see the android blog in the links…

My android was running out of sd card and ph memory…panic…sony’s pc companion and media go will only work with all (all?? i cdnt believe it) the apps disabled…solution
…i used an sd card adapter, copied the DCIM folder sub folder by sub folder to my laptop pics folder…deleted the ones on the ph card, except the HDR folder, and remade the folder names…the sd card gains 1.6Gb on my ph.
Making space on the ph card…i went settings, app mgment…found the growing HDR app and deleted its data it’s ok to do this once the photos are processed and to process them you need the phone plugged into its charger. …it’s not necessary to uninstall and reinstall  the app (the app creator sez i deleting the data instead of uninstalling and reinstalling )….on the same premise to make space  i deleted mi email data (had to set my emails up again) and my plume data…. CAREFUL deleting the email data for GMAIL as it seems the app wont let you reset it….on the Yahoo app it’s easy as you can put the email accounts back in really simply.
The ph mem has increased from 12Mb to 60Mb….i still have my HDR photos on mi fav gallery.  No doubt lots of updates will fly in and take the space again… unless i uncheck the auto update box on the android market.

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