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New Blog 2015 (added to Wollypark in 2015 that is…)


Locally we all know Wollaton and Wollaton Park make up a suburb of Nottingham, so it follows logically that all around the City are other areas and other suburbs as well as County Towns and Villages. It also follows logically that individuals and groups who live in these other Suburbs, Towns and Villages create community websites and blogs. They blog about all kinds of things and especially their local concerns and information, maybe a story or two thats worth telling, as well as their own community news updates. It seems a cool idea to include their homepage webpics and links here. Lets hope there are lots to discover!

These blogs have their own terms and privacy info.

Local Wollaton and Wollaton created webs and blogs have their own space on the Wollatonblogroll link on the sidebar and they too have their own terms, privacy and conditions.

First Discovery…

West Bridgford, a suburb south of the City, and south of the River Trent (in Nottm speak it was often known as Bread and Lard Island; no idea why) and the home of Nottingham Forest Football Ground and Trent Bridge Cricket Ground has a blog discovered via twitter called West Bridgford Wire. They have a twitter id too.



A Lambley and Lowdham website


And now (Autumn 2012) The Stapleford News


A Nottingham Friends Reunited Link (copyright goes to the website on the page that opens please view responsibly)

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