Now the most apparent attitudes changing in the 40 years that have passed (44 since 1969 it seems like yesterday!) for the Rock World (rather than the pop world) and have been lived through into middle or even old age (as it’s now 2013 and this summer has been Sweet Summer in Hyde Park with the Rolling Stones – who also headlined Glastonbury). are significant. In those 44 years we have all become somewhat sophisticated: perhaps it would be useful to recall that back in the 60s and early 70’s there were so many rules and customs and practices and morality in that pre-equality, post-world war world (dare we say such double standards with ‘accepted’ ‘male attitudes’) that listening to Radio Caroline was immoral. It was where women did not have a right to a mortgage, rent agreement in their name, bank loan or credit agreement without a fella’s name on it …and we (this now aging generation) had a long haul to change things.

The alternative, more ‘open minded’ parents then allowed their kids to listen and go to music gigs the others tut-tutted and lots of lies and alibi’s were needed to gain some freedom.

Footie violence with rival groups of supporters was rife on the terraces and in the 21st century there’s no terraces and any violence is more hidden so supporting is more civilised as the cctv is everywhere. Ditto thieving etc. The world has moved on – or has it?

Dating was of course fun and cool’

There were so many barriers to sort out, and the likes of DH Lawrence, author of wonderful novels and poems was banned along with lots of music or artists and musicians were openly criticised- any rock band who moved ‘suggestively’ or ‘gyrated’ on stage, any ‘raising desire’ was considered immoral – and this included Tom Jones (who played Wollaton Park in 1964!) and of course those Rolling Stones again (scourge of the puritanical) … hence the comparison to 1969 … (The Beatles were more ok because of their name and the fact they stood still, but weren’t ok because of the screaming ecstatic young girl fans). This was all supposed to be for ‘married women stuff if they were lucky’!!

This level of wanting was not for the ordinary and nice folk who would never have gone to a music hall presumably in Victorian -Edwardian days! Ha!

The kids now learn all about different era’s in Social Science and can evaluate and analyse social administration; but the oldies (pre-pills – there the cause is in the open) only had the spin doctor media of the day and it was telling them that equality and happiness were going to cause the end of the known world.

Well it didn’t (that was downsizing factories and politics and economics) and the Rockers are still rocking: Good God, would we have believed it? It is SO COOL (if you think about it) because a music skill is a music skill and it’s awsome that folks take the time to learn practise AND MAKE MUSIC INSTRUMENTS TALK POETRY AND SINGERS SING AWSOME TIMELESS LYRICS. Hum me that riff… how do they manage to never copy each other (ok they do).

The magic formula without the contrived manufacture…checkout the old ‘Singing in the Rain’ film.

‘We’ achieved the desired equality in ’75 and it’s now considered normal in the UK to be independent women, (but not some other eu counties because religion is still stronger) but it’s still not ok for them-us to be able to transcend the class structure thats more ingrained: Making a kind of caste system for nice county one-man-one-woman-for-eternity-women and ‘the rest’ (i.e. a c-of-e believer is worth more as a person and is more useful to allow the lads to get to heaven and therefore is valuable, as opposed to not the rest who are unlucky with choices or just have a non helpful community who don’t get humanity) a real double standard!

Equality as a token – or the money lending world would have been the real meaure of equality and women would have had more than 1.5 mortgage allocation and maternity leave etc (no paternity leave – enlightened swedes the employers are not)!

Then early 70s or or some time the Sex Pistols came along with awful (or amazing, probably depending if you were North or South) and their horrible (yes horrible) attitude to women and ‘they’ tried to make the clock turn back!

Ravers managed to wind the equality clock back a bit further, and now its turned to explicit speech and things like zero hours contracts.

Where is the love?

All along we’ve wanted to read the banned words and see and be seen and listen to awsome artists banned or not … the world meanwhile has only turned upside down work and economy wise!

Status Quo werent particularly contentious, stood still, dressed like the working lads did and are also still going strong if a bit crinkled!

Are Rock Bands in the race to become Status Class Lords – send the kids to posh schools (did they go to posh schools?) Keep wealth by damning lots people, alumni? So loyal to the music publishers they jump through any hoop? Including of course playing in ea others bands and groups (careful of the contract clauses lads-lassies) or aspiring media studies.

And now – dare we say we want an old rock star beauty contest with guitar playing categories? as well as ‘wrinkled prune no facelifts and lifestyle takes its toll’ categories?

The sadness is – who will play music like it (no synthetic stuff we like guitars and keyboards and drums) who’s coming up to take their place kind of – whos writing thought provoking lyrics (what are they, whats their objective) can we have honest humanity love desire etc in awsome words and music – or do we all have to go back to noddy-dog robots? (Not a dig at Mr Holder).

Thanks Sweet Summer in Hyde Park, Glastonbury and Rocking the Park to mention the obvious and our own Splendour – keep rocking on to ’14 Thanks to the brave organisers of festies over the years.

And Edith Piaff had her memorial service 50 years after ‘they’ wouldn’t let her family have such a service for not conforming.

There was always and always will be contention, its just ‘can all of us know about it’ or is it all just for a chosen sophisticated group of the wealthy new money folk to find open mindedness.

Should we find out more about the Scandinavians in cool culture with no unpleasant side effects?

Currently it’s hurray for our local authority education, because it really is awsome, ditto the internet (not the dodgy stuff), the ability of ordinary people to read at whatever level, libraries and art galleries. Especially in organising fun festies with all genres!

Thanks to Jake Bugge and the other artists at Splendour – hope the festie wins an award!

Now: Check the ceilings in the Hall here for how risque or enlightened generations were (if only the Statues could talk)!! The UK East Midlands are quite cool!

oh – and of course our lovely park has been used as a location a few times for various things

*thats p2 of pub talk … in the 70s we went to Church on Sundays!!

The wider world of musicians and their entourages see this suburb as both wealthy and naieve – maybe so but it’s been Player’s and Raleigh and Boot’s and Plessey Telecommunications … not car manufacture we grant you – the Airport is small, some of the kids do get to go abroad but it’s not anything like the USofA so just have a cool attitude that lets folk just be themselves – it was no joke taking on the Woodstock guys from N Notts … long time ago …


(RIP) Alvin Lee our friendly Rock God  from Glenn Bott Wollaton and Ten Years After. Please walk out from behind that wall !!

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