Olympics 2016 Rio


Harvey Haddon Sports Village – Nottingham City Council

A few more links below – the Golf Club etc

The Wollaton_Nottm twitter has an impressive list of Sporty twitter accounts …

Retweets happen every Saturday – to access the list yourself – you need a Twitter Account

To make a Twitter account you need an email address (without a current twitter registered) that you can read so you can verify your new Twitter account by clicking the link on the email Twitter will send you !

A Sporty Calendar for enthusiasts!

World Sport Calendar homepage text link for info:- pse check-verify info etc


The Nottingham Forest website screenpic, with permission was here… but they sent an email which wasn’t too cool – since then they may have updated and soon a new link will be added!


Please send links and pics for the Local Park and Wollaton Football teams!!

Wollaton has quite a number of sports clubs, the football clubs play in Wollaton Park and the Cricket, Tennis and Bowls clubs are found in the village,

Hopefully they can all be added to the blog in the future, it’s just a case of waiting  for the ok to add their websites.

There are links to all the Nottingham Sporty places on the Wollaton_Nottm twitter on the blog sidebar and on twitter and some UK ones e.g Tour De France, Olympics 2012 (we had fun with the Olympics), UEFA (everyone has their twitter) up to date years for WTA tennis, Nottm Forest and Notts County Footie, the Ladies footie teams, Cricket, Ice Hockey – and lots of others. Check the link at

The updates on the twitter are usually sent out around once a week and one tweet for each sporty event is included – its not possible to follow all of them all of the time, but its easy to create your own twitter account (you need an email address, then register with twitter, verify your email and choose followers) and then you can follow them yourself.

Tweet Caster is a good Android app – and you can zip accounts if they begin to send too many tweets in one day (the motor racing for example) and unzip when you have time to read them.

Ilkeston (a nearby Notts-Derbys county border town also have a Football Club and a Rugby Club and they are included on the twitter link.

Theres the National Watersports centre too…

image <

In the village the Tennis, Cricket and Bowls clubs are centred around the Cricket Ground.

tennis club

The Golf Clubs

(just links –  pardon the pun – as the Olympic folk say text links are ok)

Heres an interesting wiki sport link – for quizes and the like info might need verifying as its a wiki mostly it should be ok. It has lots omf years of info.

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