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Christmas 2014, City Council Bus Travel Link in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

Cabin Fever over the winter days – heres a couple of ideas…

The local library info – Central Library now have wifi and its possible to even link apps from android phones using your library registration details!!

See the Local Library links below

Travel Ideas too…

Of course if you are stuck in at home with limited means and no car or petrol you could hop on a bus and visit a County Library and take in some scenery and have a warm tour around the County The group bustickets seem quite good value for a couple of mums and some kids in the Winter! –

Zigzag tickets take you all round Notts in a day using Trent Barton buses and other offers- see their ticket info  link here

theres a local bus ticket called Kangeroo where you can travel in Greater Nottingham (not the county)  for around £4-£5 and visit friends (and with Club 55 for the over 55’s there might even be a discount) its to use buses and trams in one ticket …the Kangeroo link is here 

There are some cheaper 16-19 ticket deals for Trent Barton too

the bus companies have twitter account that tells you if there are any delays too

so its possible to travel around the County and if you like visit a branch library for a warm and a read and home again (you might need a kangeroo and a zigzag) but the group ticket offers are really good if there are two adults and a couple of kids!!  A coffee in a local cafe or a McDonalds  – quite a nice winter day out if its sunshining!!

Local Librarys’




 County Find a Library link

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