An opinion

Start point – Each to their own

Sad the ‘plebs’ ‘working and waiting for work ordinary no wealth other than wage-salary-and small (not independent means) inheritance need for state and occupational pension(s)’ are being asked to repay UK Govt debt.

Want a new innovative economy to spring up to resolve the lack of GDP (which is now improving slowly ref world problems as much party politics), so taxes can be paid and therefore money for Govt public sector, for employeee work that pays ok. Then to repay gov debt. The Siemens Co is predicting a newer vibrant economy on the horizon. They are impartial like most large business.

Want Enterprise to be supported and flourish ditto small businesses.

‘Like’ legislation that supports a social security system for peripheral workers.

‘Like’ the NHS and Education for all, sad about university extortionate tuition fees would prefer a balanced part grant system possibly from Employers.

Cant forgive extension pensions for women to 67 without a planning decade and especially if manual workers. Thinking that pensions should be equalised at 62. Europe is having some debates on pensions again. There are currently options in the legislation for MP women and Civil Servants who can still retire at 60. Thats disgraceful in contrast with the ordinary women (who are decent adults)

Would like a profit orientated new green focused economy with lots of new green industries.

Like the work our current MPs have done for ‘us’ – thanks.

Think that London politics with the Investment Companies, extortionate rents and housing prices plus incredibly wealthy people alters the general UK perspective. and backwater Nottm are vastly different. Really am not sure why our Business Rate is only 50% returned.

Its wrong and so therefore its definitely a consideration that deprivation should not return in any format. We are capable of being frugal as peripheral employees and waiting for work but to put induviduals below a food shelter health and warmth level that keeps them healthy only puts an unacceptable strain on.other services. Coping alone is not the answer. Its understood that there are difficulties across the world – and other systems do not provide assistance but the UK made a decision to have a public sector after WW2 and there must be ways to ensure our borrowing as a Country and our interest payments do not push us into a Demarcated or type of Caste system with an unacceptable ‘bottom rung’.

Women have given free work time to families and provided low cost services as carers of Children and Old folks – and the years from the 70s with anti discrimination legislation doesn’t mean they have equality or that their traditional outside the home work becomes that which is the only family income.

The private sector often ignores discrimination and pays lower wages or salaries and has practices that don’t allow women and families to have a work life balance and the consequences are lower or non existing pensions or no National Insurance contributions.

Sorting any ‘Deficit’ should be a cross party think tank, a National exercise with experts who understand a committment to all of the people of the UK and a mixed economy that is sustainable, where all participate not a party political ‘football’. Each ‘class’ has its own objectives – is this really what Politics is for?

**See the Qaawyrd twitter (sidebar) for Economic info

Consider that thinking and logic not blind belief and research on current and previous party policies, and remembering past events party politics wise is important and gives a wider picture. The young dont know this. e.g. Ordinary Women couldnt have bank loans till 1975 without guarantors.

Its ok to Understand that if folk are earning the higher tax bracket they may have to protect themselves – however the rest of of lower paid non tax payers shouldn’t suffer.

We understand that unemployment benefit wasnt intended to be for years – have profit making utilities scared employers out of the UK?

Working people and waiting for work folk and students are one of our most important resources and should not need to endure dreadful hardship while bank interest payments are not being re-negotiated. Percentages make poverty worse and the divide wider year on year. They increase repayments on deficits or bank loans to odious proportions.

Employers need healthy educated workers, the days of Scientific Management people, used as robot workers, have essentially gone and with them the argument against education for all.

Pin money wages and hours are very difficult for folk with young families £2.65 as a rate is wrong – a national disgrace, its not even a busfare for an hours work and isnt sensible, the back to work figures improve but ordinary peoples lifestyles dont improve.

Essentially a mixed economy, numeric individual (not so much Arts) like truth and quality and costing. Disliking the way this Election is about personalities and sideswiping. A realist. National, London and Regionional economies are not comparable.

Worried that angry London world ‘big money out of normal peoples reach’ daren’t tax (even Oxbridge) are distorting perceptions.

So maybe an old fashioned JThorpe type liberal – not Lib Dem. With no one to represent:- possibly stuck in the 70s-80s! Liking a wealthy high tech UK at the forefront of new technologies. Liking Europe (NEurope has always bounced back right back to the Romans and Hanseatic League) think it can prevent wars between member states no matter how they work the fact they are talking is important.

Dislike across the Atlantic lack of concern for poorer communities. Dislike Bigotry.

Like making bread – shopping – days out – having enough for folks to live on, think we take turns at working hard. Believe the UK can have a vibrant economy.

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