UK Info & Soc Media

There are some UK Pages with loads of interesting links on the full set of pages which you will find on the sidebar (see the list at the end of this page)

On the sidebar there’s a link to a Facebook with lots of ‘around the UK’ Facebook pages.

once the link has been ‘clicked’ its off to Facebook terms and conditions’

Then there are:-

UK Tourism basics … (some of these websites have Facebook pages included on the link above with shared Facebook photos and info. The Social Media sites now include Facebook, Twitter (Wollaton_Nottm has EMids links and UK and wider world), Instagram, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Blogger and Pearltrees. There are tourism links to most of these on the sidebar (ones connected to Wollypark!)

Visit England

UK Twinned Cities by County & County Cities and Towns

The Gov UK topic list for general info

Because the blog is essentially about the great outdoors, starting with the local park

with a few ideas about indoor places to visit…see

Historic Building Website, homepage link.

It seems a good idea to add some UK farming info, as the countryside you travel through is mostly agricultural and it is where UK foodstuffs come from!!

List of UK blog pages:

Enjoy UK

UK 2012

Diamond Jubilee!

UK Authors

UK Bands & Festies

UK Beaches

UK Castles

UK Cathedrals

UK Classic Buses

UK Coastal Guide

UK Festivals

UK Forests

UK Info

UK County Parks

UK Megalithic!

UK Museums

UK Towns

UK Villages

Also there is a set of EMids (and WMids and Staffordshire) pages by County with useful places (mainly Country Park) infi links.

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