Around the Year


Don’t forget awsome small local shopping especially food shopping, Beeston Square and High Road for meat deals and veg, free one hour carparking, lovely fresh non cellophane packaged food…and there’s Argos and Wilkinsons (and pressie shops). Bramcote Lane has fresh food, the butchers, veg shop, convenience stores, Homecrafts with Christmas decorations (ready for next year in their sales?) and the Natural Food shop plus the wonderful Birds and Cheescake shop all three have cafe’s, the Wolly Post office and a chippy, cutlers hardware including plants and fairy lights, two travel shops, (day trips too!) banks, two boutiques and hair and beauty care (and three salons on Arleston Drive plus a salon on Ilko Road) also the pound shop and to relieve you of what you don’t need…the charity shop (should i mention the bookies) and the clothes cleaners, chemists for the morning after cures…almost all you need

Then after the essentials dont fail to visit a garden centre or two, they always have lovely things at Christmas…living Christmas trees, christmas deccies, our nearest (one of the best ones of course especially at Christmas) is at Trowell; along a little lane just past the motorway bridge left past the church, but there are lots around the county, near and far. Two near lambley on the main and Catfoot lane and one at Lowdham way (fresh ground coffees and teas to buy on the road past Burton Joyce) …more cafes… If you head off the Dukeries way (see below) theres a Garden Centre with one of the best Santa Grotto’s and lots Christmas (and i mean lots…a huge saleroom full) at a place called Walesby (it doesn’t mean make kids cry…)

There are lots pubs with restaurants around Wollaton village and Beeston High Road.

And further afield place links…

National Trust links (using the WollyPark post code)

Nottingham City Council, what’s on

Christmas Event Web-Links around Notts

You have to pay to enter the parks (car parking charges) and Rufford Abbey has two super small shops and an Art Gallery and some really good meal deals. It has a Restored Roman bathhouse (not in use though) lots statues, kids playpark and an old ruined Abbey complete with catacombs…dungeon type living space for Monks that you can scare each other in

Theres a McDonalds and a fish n chip shop (Harry R’s or something) at Ollerton if kids dont like cafes or if the weather turns bleak.

Clumber Park

Rufford Abbey have their Aurora Christmas Light show the first two weekends in December pay at the gate.. Their events info weblink is in the form of a downloadable .pdf file from this web address, you will need Adobe reader.

Sherwood Forest Christmas Info

Thoresby Estate



Ok it’s the middle of the winter, dark nites and the old festival for the Northern people draws nearer…in days gone by it was the last feast before the meat began to get short, the wood and logs had to be in for the next ten weeks, before Lent turned up and everyone had to go vegetarian or lose the ability to renew herds and flocks … pressie and festie time in case the old or the sick or dont make it through, religious because our Lord was born in the deep of winter in another land, but had been here possibly; at least Joseph had, and planted a tree at Glastonbury…

Season of Roman Saturnalia, feasting on the last full moon, or the equinox Mithras for the shortest day, on 21 December. A quarter day when rents were due…

The feast of St Nicholas, Christingle lots candles and the eldest daughter wore a crown of candles in Scandinavia…perhaps still does..

Father Christmas, falling down chimneys (or appearing through walls) with his reindeer pulling his sleigh…

Wollaton Christmas: lots markets in the park, lots restaurants and pubs, lots churches with Christmas services, lots carols sung, lots schools with plays and concerts…and not to be missed;

Carols round the Pump in the village (the village doesn’t close to those walking), the date to be posted here soon…

St Leonards link is on the village page.

Experience Nottingham Link…as the EnjoyEastMidlands website was archived it seems that businesses that used to advertise havnt taken up the option on the Experience Nottingham website

However their info for Christmas is here

Cresswell Crags has a Chrstmas event too.

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