Notts Parks & Dukeries

Days, Weekends and Greenspace Holidays!

Here’s a page full of Greenspace places to visit, some are Parks nearby small and local, others large park estates further away in the Dukeries. Most of them have Seasonal Events… Check all the info on this page – and the other County Pages for inspiration!

Our Newest Country Park aptly named Gedling Country Park is partly the landscape created by the overhead coal waste removal bucket auto transport system used when Gedling Colliery was in operation!

Lets hope it doesn’t create a stream in the artificial hill that could slide and cover Gedling aka Aberfan (a disaster that broke our hearts in the 1960s!)

The Park will take a while to ‘bed into’ the existing landscape but is an excellent new wildlife and healthy city escape and as a Country Park has views to rival those in Derbyshire at Mam Tor! It seems as if the whole of the River Trent Valley is laid out like a carpet! Mega thanks to Gedling Borough Council for the supa space. Info link here:-


More Park Info follows


Newstead Abbey Estate also run by Notts County Council has beautiful gardens, a kids park, a lovely cafe and an historic house to look round, its more expensive than Wolly Park but worth a visit for a day and annual tickets are £35.

Careful if the Fernery garden if you have allergies


Clumber Park is just stunningly beautiful and an awsome place to stay. Its run by the National Trust.
There isn’t a grand house here to look around, it was demolished some time ago, but the park is huge, theres cricket in the summer, a nice cafe and beautiful scenery bicycle hire plus a campsite.


Clumber Park Facebook



Thoresby Estate, with a Private Hotel (and Spa)


There are often super events here.



Rufford Abbey

Run, Managed by Notts County Council and is excellent!
A Beautiful park, kids area, Camera Obscura building, Roman Baths, Abbey ruins, displays, super coffee shop and restaurant. A craft shop and Art Gallery plus walks, one to Rufford Mill about half a mile away where there’s a beautiful lake to walk around and lots of wildlife. Super place to visit, there are car park charges but it’s possible to park free late in the afternoon.



Sherwood Forest again the local County Council.

Home of Robin Hood and his Merry Men, and with a super Craft Centre just a short walk away, or visit the Forest and then, see the small funfair and the Cricket on Sundays and wander the Craft shops where there are all kinds of Crafts and a cafe with amazing cakes!!

Awaiting permission to post the Sherwood Forest Trust link.


Cresswell Crags evidence of Ice Age inhabitants in Nottinghamshire, including Sabre Toothed Tigers


Smaller Parks Locally, ie Walking Distance of Wollaton (or a bus hop)

Theres another smaller park with a garden nearby at Bramcote…park either in the Bramcote baths car park or turn right at the small island where coventry lane meets the road to trowell. The Hemlock Stone has a small picnic space and there’s a network of Canal footpaths to Trowell and Ilkeston.



Harrisons Plantation and Raleigh Pond, you can find both of these at the end of Old Coach Road which is between the Wheelhouse and the Willoughby pubs. The Harrisons Plantation walk takes you towards Martins Pond and is quite a good wildlife spot; Raleigh Pond is a short circular walk and is a good fishing spot.


Nottm City Open Space Info

The University Boating Lake and Park are at Dunkirk and for River Walks and the lock and Marina head for Beeston, turn left for the station and keep on to the end of the road

Don’t forget to come back to Wolly Park, a walk a day etc etc…i

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