GameCity &NVA

The National Video Game Arcade and Game City

Early info on the way to the formation of the NVA

On the way to Game City 2013

Games City 2012 info is on its way, some updates are on the twitter link!

There was a wonderful marquee in the City Centre, with bean bags and kids and adult computer creation going on – awsomely good for the City!
More info from anyone who was there is welcome!!

Wow, Nottingham GameCity has been mentioned in the Observer
“GameCity is a computer games festival held annually in Nottingham, and the prize is the first major one of it’s type. The idea is to lift games out of the nerds and industry insiders and award them the cultural status of music, film or books. The aim is partly to find a way of talking about games, to find a language to stand alongside the language of film or literary criticism, but it is also to make games respectable and accessible to the non-games-playing public”
The article is a page length in viewpoint…and is by Charlie Higson.
The GamesCity prize went to Minecraft.


So into sorting my photo apps I missed computer game city…oh well it will be back next year…waterstones top floor had an awsome virtual game demo about ten years ago…hope this year went really well

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