Wollaton Park Opening & Travel

Opening Times


Official City Council Website


Car Parking – Annual Tickets £50 (2016 and 17 hopefully)


Theres a .pdf you can download for nct bus stops for the park at this link


Trent Barton fares (& home page)


From outside the City Centre bus route, taking a car and paying the basic car parking – or better still buying an annual ticket from yhe Courtyard Shop makes sense – unless you are in walking or cycling distance of course. The annual ticket makes a good present and means kids, grandparents, families and picnicing items can all be included, although barbeques are not allowed – there are pubs, shops, take aways and restaurants nearby!


Trent Barton Derbys travel update 2012


Wolly Park can be visited by Car, or bus

It’s just 3 miles from the centre of Nottingham and is a beautiful Hall with parkland and gardens.


If you are’t a ‘local’ to find Wollaton Park, take the Ilkeston A609 out of Nottingham. For opening times see the end of this page…or click the link…


Radio Nottingham Twitter Link for local info updates


We do have other parks in Nottinghamshire too…

Newstead Abbey and other North Notts parks are not on the tram route, but are near the ‘park and ride’ at the end of the tram route and near the Hucknall M1 (for Newstead go via Linby) good for meeting people, friends and relatives.

Clumber Park, Thoresby, Sherwood Forest and Rufford Abbey are further North from Ollerton.

For Wollaton Park, take the Ilkeston A609 out of Nottingham.

Nottingham Castle is in the City Centre.

Car Parking at Wolly and other info see below.

The river Trent has Marina’s and locks best accessed by car (or water) although it’s possible to find the river from the Nottm to Lincoln train route if you don’t mind walking. Burton Joyce station is the nearest.


Nottingham City Transport Link


Trent Barton Bus Link


East Midlands Trains


The Tram link



The last entry to the park is usually 30 minutes before the closing time, with 3.30pm being the earliest in the year in the winter.




Beware the traffic wardens on the warpath…figuratively sp of course

Wolly Park Car Parking
For many years the car park was free, and when the ticket machine turned up all the locals (like me) who use the park frequently were not impressed, however for a small annual amount (£25.00) it’s possible to buy an annual ticket…which is much more sensible for people who want to visit the park frequently and saves parking on the residential roads around the walk-in gates.

It leaves an option for the council to create an income during the busy weekends and bank holidays for the park upkeep. When there is an event happening, the top carpark is often closed…but the bottom carpark isn’t

I would be even cooler to have a camping option once or twice a year … to be able to wake up in the park would be lovely.

As a child i was lucky and had a friend who’s garden backed onto the park and could use their gate…so we could wander in without any problem whenever…even sometimes when the park was closed…. I can remember one day we went to find the archery targets really early in the morning when an event was being held… its super to be able to think that no-one else is in the whole park…

If the parking cost is keeping the whole estate running its not so bad to have to pay a small amount. I hope however if there is any move to take away the annual ticket we can arrange some petition to keep it.

Opening times


The local tram system (ideal to visit the Castle) … from the Square stop the Castle is along Friar Lane and across Maid Marion Way and up the hill to Standard Hill and the Gate..


It’s not possible to reach Wollaton Park from the tram but buses connect in the city centre, a Kangeroo ticket lets you travel buses and the tram …check…

Newstead Abbey is near the start of the tram route at Hucknall and the M1 Hucknall junction so a day trip could be, Newstead Abbey, go to the tram park and ride, visit the City and Castle, bus to Wollaton Park, and back to the city and then tram back to Hucknall park and ride…however that would involve quite alot of walking.

The train station also connects with the tram.

Trent Rainbow 2 buses and the City 31 route both go to Wollaton Park, Rainbow 2 leaves Victoria bus station, the City 31 stops outside John Lewis and the city centre Library.

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