As the year rolls by, Pomp and Pageantry links can be added here, both for our local area and the Ceremony’s we love to watch in the Capital and elsewhere.

Our Royal Visit didn’t last long but was a great success, lots of people must have worked really hard and worried over the plans all working without a hitch.

A super billion mega pixel pic was made and a request has been made to add it to the Diamond Jubilee page.

The Trooping of the Colour took place on Saturday 17th June, theres a Changing of the Guard Ceremony every day at Buckingham Palace and the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London.

Other royal events take place around the calendar in London and elsewhere.

There’s a British Monarchy website for information on most of the Ceremony’s that we see on the television, or if we travel to London and answers to most of the ‘who’s who’ questions.

Monday 18th June 2012 is the Knights and Ladies of the Royal Garter Ceremony at Windsor, it sounds as if it was originally a fun day for the Royal Court.

It is possible to visit both Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. See the enjoy England page for tourism links. e

In our region there are some Ceremonial and Pageantry type days and local festivities, Oak Apple Day for example in Castleton Derbyshire.

Maybe a joust in the park??

More soon.

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