For my little mum, its 8 years today, and she was 90.

Not politics, (2nd link)  just remembering my little mum (90) who could play the piano like a dream.


& ok for dreary days in the winter.


Some classical, some from ‘The Shows’



Watch “Mozart. Piano Concerto No. 21 in C major (European Pictures)” on YouTube



The 60s?




Mrs E.G. Farmer neè Henshaw.


& thanks Led Zepp for re-releasing their 1972 album, so many memories!

 (like “turn that noise down” from my Gone with the Wind, type of gentle but uncompromising mum)

It’s good to hear my ‘classic rock’ on a day like today. 

More memories to create too!!


This blog was started to keep me busy when feeling sad!!


Springtime soon!

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Wintery, Icy, stay cosy warm!

Check the frozen canal (not the best place for a walk in freezing drizzle!) 

Drizzle is of course best linked to Cakes – try the Wollaton Park cafes !!


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Happy New Year 2018

Roll on Spring!!

Can’t wait to see the  Daffodils ..


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New Year Fireworks Nottingham Castle



@MyNottingham: Happy New Year, #Nottingham! Here’s to a fantastic #2018 for our brilliant city and everyone in it 🥂 Thanks for coming to celebrate with us at @NottmCastle 🎉🎆

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Stay local unless the place you want to visit is on the main roads…(and it’s sunset at 3.30pm ish) …chatsworth are asking folks to stay away because of snow…we get the winter concept ‘proper’ around late January!

Just chill, check the vehicle antifreeze and find places like Attenborough, Gunthorpe maybe (few restaurants etc) Bramcote Park, walks along the Trent at Beeston 

Derbyshire has snow so most places north have too…shopping centres are obviously on the main roads and aren’t snowed up but roads might be snarled up (Twitter highways, RAC , AA)

Chatsworth is asking folks to stay away because of snow, Haddon Hall may be ok.

The Dukeries Sherwood Forest, Clumber Park and Thoresby Estate plus Rufford Abbey and Newstead Abbey, Newark and the Civil War Museum, are mostly main roads and some NT places like Southwell workhouse are probably ok but other NT places may be snowed up. 

Leicester has the Space Museum

Otherwise there’s lots nice family pubs cafes and restaurants …and of course the Park and cafes.

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Pubs with real fireplaces to enjoy a winter drink – (The Admiral Rodney should be on the list)..

Ten Nottinghamshire pubs with real fireplaces to enjoy a winter drink by – Notts TV News | The heart of Nottingham news coverage for Notts TV

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Happy Christmas 2017

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Snow in Autumn… 

Not quite enough of the white stuff!!



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Snow warnings; so here’s a few old Snowy park photo’s!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Please be good neighbours to vulnerable people if the weather gets seriously uk wintery, and drive safely!! Ta. Check the Facebook for photo’s around the UK.

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Remembrance Sunday 2017

Remembrance Sunday 2017

The new cafe commemorating the American Airmen billeted in the park is now open near the childrens playground.

Remembrance Sunday is the day the UK and the world show respect for all the Military personnel and also think about innocent Civilians who lost their lives in two World Wars, and the UK also remembers lives lost in wars before and since.

There are many posts on Twitter and Facebook from all around the UK.

The memorial in the park is specifically to the American allies who were stationed here many went to fight and did not return.


Below is a copy of the 2015 blog Post.

Thinking and hoping for Peace Worldwide …

Our special link to the Second World War … not forgetting our own of course …

Check the 508th page too – full list of pages on the sidebar  … this info is from the page …

“In 2014 it was the 70th Anniversary of Operation Market Garden and the Battle of the Bulge from WWII.

During WWII, Wollaton Park was ‘home’ to part of the Airborne forces of the US Army, ie, those borne, or transported by air, who were stationed in Nottingham.

Permission has been sought and granted to include the online stories from the AMC museum in the USA that include references to Wollaton Park, or to the missions the Allied Forces bravely undertook during that time.

and their own website at

There is a small memorial with information just near the Courtyard in the park and there’s an American War Cemetary near Cambridge.”

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