US 508th Airborne

2017: Remembrance goes on. Heartfelt thanks to the US and UK families who lost members in the WW2 air operations associated with these Operations.

In 2014 it was the 70th Anniversary of Operation Market Garden and the Battle of the Bulge from WWII.

During WWII, Wollaton Park was ‘home’ to part of the Airborne forces of the US Army, ie, those borne, or transported by air, who were stationed in Nottingham.

Permission has been sought and granted to include the online stories from the AMC museum in the USA that include references to Wollaton Park, or to the missions the Allied Forces bravely undertook during that time.

and their own website at

There is a small memorial with information just near the Courtyard in the park and there’s an American War Cemetary near Cambridge.


It’s not really appropriate to give all the War Memorial info here, visit the Park and see for yourself if possible, if you aren’t able to a photo could be taken and sent out for you and if you would like any flowers put on the Memorial please contact the local City Council Wollaton Park office – there are local Florists who would take Interflora orders one is on the local Bramcote Lane. Also there is a small display with further information in the Industrial Museum.

If anyone would like a picture of the memorial and/or the park please contact the blog author.

There is a Royal British Legion branch in Wollaton Village, and although their focus is on Britain, they may have or be able to find contacts and information through their organisation, or if you are visiting they may know of other people connected with Wollaton Park in those days.

There is a mention in one of the articles online about the Airmens’ love of the Glen Miller Big Band sound, and sometimes at events in the park there are US military re-enactors and a small camp and tea dances with crooners (singers) singing Glen Miller songs.

check this video



Crich Transport Museum also hold a 1940s re-enactment day (also at Crich in Derbyshire is the Sherwood Forresters’ war memorial) and Sherwood Forest also often hold WWII events (near Edwinstowe and Sherwood Forest with the Major Oak tree in Notts) have been known to hold them as well: lots of people have fond memories of those days, the Palais de Dance and the Sherwood Rooms were favourite haunts of both British and US military personnel.


seeking permission for another link and photo

Grateful thanks to the webmaster for the 508th website for checking this page for accuracy and advising a couple of corrections plus permission for a link to their website and the kind words in his email reply Jan 2014:
“but aside from those minor terminology issues, the site looks great and I hope it continues to grow.

Best wishes …
*Richard J. O’Donnell Webmaster & National Chairman* *Family & Friends of the 508th PIR Association* *

It’s so kind of them to review the page!

There is a youtube video ‘The Lost Evidence: Operation Market Garden.’






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