Nottingham Caribbean Carnival 20th August 2017


The Nottingham Carnival






Sunday 20th Victoria Embankment


They say Carnivals are Artistry,  Creativity, Revelry and Giving Thanks (the last may depend on a Religious Statue to process!)


In deference to the superstitious world the following applies and has no connction to the 2017 Carnival unless theres a Sun,  Earth Moon theme!

If you are superstitious and worried about the Eclipse in America 

a) we cant see it from the UK

b) people invent things to match the perceived Astrology… which is wrong 


 c) Astronomy is not Astrology.

 .Any possible meaning (if there was such a thing),  will have been the election of their new President.

There is a superstition Astrology clarity blog associated with Wollypark and the GCSE History theme of Medicine through the ages,  a link will be on the sidebar in the next weeek.

Carnivals also have an interesting place in history and the present.

Pics when permission has been ok’d!

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