100 Years on


A Daisytrail collage made 14 Nov 2010 for my Great Uncle Harry Thomas M. (in the pics).

Wars are terrible,  I dont know where my Great Harry fought or where another Uncle of mine Uncle Charles his childhood friend and nephew who was a medical orderly served:  They both came home but sadly Harry died from the effects of Mustard Gas poisioning some few years later.

Other Great Uncles served and some died some survived WW1 in the Navy.


“When you go home tell them of us and say: for your tomorrow we gave our today”



and the Wipers Times info.

The Sherwood Forresters memorial is at Crich in Derbyshire. Their website link is here:-



Illness in the early 20th Century


In 1918 the Influenza epidemic, pandemic claimed the lives of more people than WW1. This in no way changes the bravery of any serving personnel in the War.


A further two Great Aunts and another Great Uncle from the same family died of influenza. Despite being a virus,  other deadly diseases had no antibiotics available to treat them until after 1928.



thanks for the above link info.

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