Daffodil Time!

Lovely Daffodils, super springtime and lighter evenings,  it’s good to know we are through the winter and on the way to Summer!  OK it’s still Lent and our Easter celebrations are later this year but havn’t we had a mild easy winter.  

Sadly no sledging in the park but from watching the ‘around the UK facebook’ link  (where there are photos rolling in every day from Scotland by the roadside – a facebook group,  Ireland by the roadside group and Beautiful Britain; plus other super people and groups posting amazing photo’s and lots of ordinary greenspace info), it seems other areas of the UK did have a cold stormy winter: So, depending on your age (or love of the deep winter weather) we could say have been really lucky! 

In fact it feels almost as if the Midlands just hasnt really had a winter and that November (damp can’t make its mind up weather) just went on and on with a few sunshiny glimpses of time rolling on towards the brighter days. Sometimes its the contrasts of super hot summers and freezing cold winters that can give you that cheerful smiley feeling thats real appreciation of the in-between seasons of Spring and Autumn. This can’t make its mind up weather doesnt have that ‘phew’ winter’s done feeling,  theres only the challenge of depressing photo taking. 

Thats my annual forecast for 2016-7. This idea that Spring starts in February,  and then Summer starts with the clocks going forward in March currently on the media just trys us and takes away our own sense of the reality of whats around us: Its crazy,  and for now folks it should be rainy showers of April and then blossom time and better, decent not so grey photos (No extreme weather locally means really really drab pics!)

So, its all cool and as it should be, longer days mean the Hall and the Park are open longer – (scroll down the link info below for all the details,  Hall opening times at the top,  gate opening times further down the link).

An annual car park ticket would make a cool Easter present too!

It would be good to live by the West or South coast maybe and take year round pics of the sea and coast,  (or maybe for just half of each week or month and then back home). At this time of year there’s such a lovely feeling of sheltered space in the park even if you’ve just been on a trip out to watch the river just ten minutes away at Beeston or the River through the City towards the cold East Coast or out for a day in Derbyshire there’s a real calmness and sense of quiet once most of the visitors have gone home.

Of course,  theres lots of nice restaurants, pubs,  cafes and take aways around Wollaton including the cafe in the park,  Nottingham is quite a cool place too with lots going on and theres a twitter on the blog sidebar thats updated weekly with other places to visit (and then home).

Greenspace loving isnt boring its just keeping time with the real world! Every UK City has it’s entertainment,  shopping and amazing parks and lots of those park links are on the UK pages. Over the years it would be good to visit lots of them,  and for their local folk to find our City and visit Nottingham and even take a taz round the beautiful Wollaton Park,  especially when there are Music Festies or Events (and then we can have the contrast of lots of quiet days).

Basically in Nottingham we’re half way to so many places from the S Coast to Scotland and almost the East Coast to West in Wales,  and we even have an airport on our doorstep,  all we could do with now is for some big employers to see how brill the people and the place is and set up on refurbished factory spaces like Technology Drive in Beeston, and make a bright future for the kids.

Have a Happy Spring Season.


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