64 Days left of Winter!

Resolutions 2017

To keep writing resources, tutoring and writing a … book … typing a book,  keep taking photos, tweeting and blogging. Find a sunshiny greenspace, seaside place in summer.

Just wish ‘they’ would let us all retire at 62-3 with an option to work to 67 its tough when you have repetitive strain, carpel tunnel! Its such a long haul to 67.

Thanks for years of fun working typing (20 something years) Admin, Quality etc. and Teaching, Tutoring: Thankfully not really politics.  I dont want to stop working for pin money but my paid infor state pension should be paid as well.  We dont want revenge just what we agreed to.

Thanks to the Android developers and the amazing folk before them who invented typewriters who saved me from no pennies back in ’78 and a happy retirement to those fellas who were engineers and looked after the machines (are there any in the Industrial Museum,  and should they include the first mobile phones now ?) 

who became Remmington .…(for the Ind. Museum).

Safe,  kind of ‘topical’ post,  USofA new President, Remmington NY. Email spies,  Kindof.

Looking back a few hundred years:

They say the blank stone hewn ornaments on the E Side eaves of the Hall are there with no words carved on them to remember the indictment of the last Prior of Lenton, one Nicholas Heath and his monks who all met a sticky end at the hands of Henry viii sidekicks in 146?something.

Hope we arent playing ‘The Field of the Cloth of Gold’ all over again with Brexit/is.


Theres a few random thoughts for a Monday morning.

Love the new Orkney programme too, 1000 years whaling station in 4000BC amazing.

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