Spooky Twilight



It was beautiful and sunshiny this afternoon with all the amazing orange, yellow and gold colours, dappled tree shadows and falling leaves wafting around with the deer in the distance, just emerging as a herd out of the beginning of the mist and all as the Sun was setting; a few antlers moving in between the trees. Very Medieval and Robin Hood! You could almost imagine the outlaws hiding ready to hunt for supper.

Thats until you realise theres the sound of traffic in the distance!

These spooky twilight photos however are just right for Halloween.

Mind the fog if travelling, the roads by the River Trent are the worst and out towards Leicester and Newark at this time of year.

The pics arent the most amazing, the camera is 8pixel android and the app frame is from the super amazing photo editor app, but thats ordinary for you. For amazing around the UK photos check the Facebook link with three awesome groups, Scotland by the Roadside. Ireland by the Roadside and Beautiful Britain and not forgetting the Peak District photos.

More sunshiny pics later!

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