Trees and Poetry Day.


Prose  … A Whimsical blogpost …

Maybe a lyric or a rap, just random thoughts walking the Park. (sometimes).

It’s sad when trees creak and break.
It’s sad theres heartbreak in the world.
Its’s sad we can’t do much to stop the crazyness.
War, Famine, Displaced folks, Hurricanes: Tsunami’s and Disease.
Nuclear ‘Accidents’ Unsafe Practices.

It’s sad there’s prejudice and crassness, deliberate ignorance.
It’s soul-destroying to know our lives are basically ordinary, telly watching, dinner munching, listening
while others are suffering.

Thats a conscience thing.
But we have trees!
We have fields and nature, (but also work that can maim us)
Even sitting still, hands eyes and backs
Those long hours some heavy lifting, digging, mining, driving earning a living.

There are Jobs that can
Physically alter us: terribly.
Still in an ordinary week
We have food that sustains us.
(Plus people who want to ‘hoodwink’ us
Politicians, Governments not wise enough. Standard stuff rhetoric).

But we have Trees
Lets hope they all survive the winds that change things. Like us.
Lets hope there will be diplomatic talking
Money sent, workers to rebuild stuff
Civilise the globe, natural disasters are enough you see.
Enough left in the Treasury for the 92%
It’s too sad, but now its really time for Tea.

A proper Poetry website link: (homepage) and Poems about Trees seach amongst other topics…

A Celebrated Tree Poem by John Clare, Poet.

Huge elm, with rifted trunk all notched and scarred, 
Like to a warrior’s destiny! I love 
To stretch me often on thy shadowed sward, 
And hear the laugh of summer leaves above; 
Or on thy buttressed roots to sit, and lean 
In careless attitude, and there reflect 
On times and deeds and darings that have been – 
Old castaways, now swallowed in neglect, – 
While thou art towering in thy strength of heart, 
Stirring the soul to vain imaginings 
In which life’s sordid being hath no part. 
The wind of that eternal ditty sings, 
Humming of future things, that burn the mind 
To leave some fragment of itself behind.

by John Clare

request for the links sent!

Zeynep ( wrote on 10/10/2016
Sure, please feel free to share any link by us on your sites.
Kind Regards

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