Just lovely by the River

and only ten minutes away by car! Slightly more complicated by bus as the    Beeston Rylands bus 18 from Beeston bus station (Derby Rd and the 36 to Chilwell takes you to Beeston bus and tram station) runs less frequently.

Its not clear if theres a three stop hop ticket to make a double bus company journey cheaper. Buying NCT and Trent Barton outside the Kangeroo area can mean £3.50 plus the Trent Barton retun fare – its not so bad with group tickets …

Its not too far to walk from Beeston bus and tram station or nearer still the train station!

Its also possible to catch the Trent Barton 18 to Beeston Marina from the Queens Med – you might have to change and swap outbound for inbound at Beeston bus station.



Looking towards the Weir, and on to Nottingham. There is a footpath all the way and it meets the Victoria Embankment after Clifton Bridge.


Beeston Marina, I think some of the Boat owners acknowledged that the photo was going on the blog!

This is looking towards Attenborough and you can walk there along the River – theres a footpath to the right into Attenborough Nature Reserve.

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